Michelle Forbes and Deborah Ann Woll to Costar in New Movie Highland Park

October 10, 2009 by  

57645454shadaliza610200963448amBaby vamp Jessica never came face-to-face with Maryann in Season two of True Blood, but actresses Deborah Ann Woll and Michelle Forbes finally have the opportunity to work together. They are currently in Michigan filming a movie called Highland Park. According to writer/director/producer Andrew Meieran, Highland Park is about the “quintessential American town.”

Danny Glover stars as a school teacher who wins the lottery, and instead of spending it on luxuries for himself, he puts the money towards the restoration of the shuttered local library.

Deborah_Ann_Woll.0.0.0x0.400x465Art is truly imitating life, in this case, as the town of Highland Park is truly hoping to reopen their McGregor Library. The story in the film will mirror the local people’s ongoing efforts since McGregor Library was closed in 2002. With all the economic activity from the movie being filmed there, and some of earnings at the box office being contributed, the people of Highland Park might be able to rebuild their library and get it running again.

According to IMDb, Deborah will be playing a character named Lilly, Michelle a character named Sylvia, and the rest of the cast includes Prison Break‘s Rockmond Dunbar and Generation Kill‘s Eric Ladin.

For those in the Detroit area who might be interested in being an playing extra in Highland Park, contact the following email: hpark@realstyleonline.com







(Photo credit: theinsider.com)