Michelle Forbes Delves Into The Mystery Of Maryann

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true_blood_new_season_2_photos_maryann2pt2Mickey O’Conner from TVGuide.com presents part two of his interview with the multi-talented Michelle Forbes on her role as the mysterious Maryann.  As we find out in part two, Michelle delves into the mystery as to who Maryann is on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO vampire TV series True Blood and teases us with some insight as to what we should look for in future episodes.  Presented below is an excerpt of Mickey O’Conner‘s interview with Michelle Forbes.

TVGuide.com: All right, level with us: What is Maryann really?
Forbes: I am maenad. [Wikipedia has a quick primer on what a maenad is.]

TVGuide.com: Is that really you under all those prosthetics?
Forbes: It is!

TVGuide.com: What kind of process did you have to go through to get into all that?
Forbes: Maryann, and what she turns into, was really created as we went along. They knew about the prosthetics for the claws, but it became something more as we went along. Some of the sounds the creature made were developed in post-production. But the claws just made everything come together, without a doubt.

Michelle provides some interesting information regarding future episodes which you will finding revealing, however you will have to go to TVGuide.com to find out.

SOURCE:  TVGuide.com

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)