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michelle-forbes-bafta-la-interview1E! Online recently caught up with Michelle Forbes who played the wickedly sinister Maryann, on season 2 of True Blood, at the BAFTA/LA Tea Party. E! Online discussed the new popularity of the vampire genre and about the on-going debate that has pursued: Team Bill or Team Edward? As most fans know these two hunky vamps have been pitted against each other to see which one should reign supreme on the vampire throne. E! Online asked Michelle if she had seen the “Twilight” movie and she responded by saying that she had unfortunately not found the time to see it but hoped to real soon. E! Online still asked whether she was Team Bill or Team Edward and Michelle confessed that she will always be Team Bill:

“Oh, I’m Team Bill all the way. I’m Stephen Moyer all the way! I love that man!”

E! Online also asked Michelle about the romance that has ensued between Stephen Moyer and his beautiful True Blood costar Anna Paquin, and whether she thought it would last. Michelle had this to say:

” I think that the two of them are absolutely the real deal. In a very beautiful sense they do complete each other, which is really rare to look at. I’ve seen a lot of Hollywood romances come and go and I actually have no doubt they are the real deal and are in it for the long haul.”

Michelle was also asked about whether or not her character, Maryann might be resurrected for another season of True Blood. She assures us that Maryann is in “Maenad Heaven”. Michelle did have this to say about working for Alan Ball and being on the set of True Blood:

“It was nonstop fun—such an extraordinarily beautiful cast. Our crew is just the best crew around, and our writers are the boldest, most fun people to work with.”

Well Michelle you can be guaranteed that all of us Trubies stand by you when we say “GO TEAM TRUE BLOOD“!

SOURCE:  E! Online

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  • AKL


    You are right on the money. In Charlain’s book “All together dead” Pam goes to Sookie and tells she has created havoc on Eric. He isn’t the badass he used to be and everything he had worked on, his focus is gone because he can’t get over the debt he feels he owes her, and why the witch had running toward Sookie’s home.

    I know the show and books are different but this description just proves Eric is a leader, he thrive on control and manipulation, and power especially POWER. He really isn’t a vampire that can love a human and he is not right for Sookie. Bill is the closest vampire in living with humanity within his soul. He is capable of love. He is troubled about the past and tries to make amends. He is Sookie’s and Sookie is his. This just seems to make sense to me. PLUS, the Queen told Eric not to get involved. One vampire in love is bad enough. She stated stick to what you’re good at.

    Team Bill ALL the WAY!

  • antonio

    I’d like to venture an opinion. As much as I enjoy TB..As much as I would like to visit Sam’s bar~~possibly evenn work there I think he would be a nice boss…Plus maybe have the chance to pick a sexy female vampire, I think I’d rather be,if given a choice, In Forks. I find it all very mysterious,dark,brooding
    In Forks the sun hardly comes out much…The skies are grey and darkly overcast(more condusive to a vampire lifestyle) It rains a lot its very dreary and its hardly Ever hot….except for an occasional heat wave now and then. Its dreary,rainy depressing,dark ~~~Much more condusive to the dark mood necessary for a brooding bloodsucker.
    Plus theres something mysterious and ethereal about the vast wooden wilds between Forks and La Push.
    You never know who OR what might be watching you in there as was the case with Bella Swan~~New Moon~~
    I guess I like the fact that that part of the pacific northwest
    is more rugged,remote,removed there are grizzlies,mountain lions,moose and big game not found in LA.
    In Forks, Eric would Not have to sleep in a coffin he could walk around during day hours so long as the sun was behind heavy grey/black clouds.I dont know how he’d feel about rain though and being near the sea.
    Which would You prefer??

  • antonio

    Ms. Forbes was asked what she thought of Twilight..She hadnt found time to see it~~~Or read the books I’m assuming.
    The question which I would like to pose here is this:
    Assuming you have read Both the True Blood novels/HBO Show
    and Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer and film
    Where,if given the choice,would you rather be? Bon Temps,LA ( a fictional town) OR Forks,WA (a real community in Clallam County WA) Would you rather be in The south living near Sam’s bar OR would you rather be in Forks living near the Olympic National Park and La Push (where Jacob Black and his indian wolf tribe ran and guarded the area) ??

  • Lizzie 1701

    I like what you are saying! Completely agree!!

    • AKL

      I imagine what I am about to write will infuriate Team Eric, its not meant to be immflamatory or cruel.

      Michelle’s interview brought to mind that Bill is for adults and Edward for teens (not exclusively of course) but it says alot about similar beliefs, the struggle with what you are and what you would like your life to be. Bill finds love and fights his baser self and reaches for the strength and ability to love and keep the one he loves happy and with him for as long as time will allow. Team Bill!

      I see Eric as part (he would lead of course) but for those of us who have seen Twilight its the 3 shoeless and true to the “bad” vampire way of life (killing humans). They are wild, true to their species (I can’t think of the right word) but they care nothing or society rules or have any real regard for humans. Eric is strong and a leader, he does things his way, a less than human way and has a strong disregard for humans. He would fit to be the leader of this pack!

      • antonio

        I agree Eric Northmman IS a killer! Vicious,Cruel,Sadistic Mean Ruthless! His “desire” for Sookie is motivated by Control,Manipulation and Obsession I think. Not that he doesnt feel anything for her,Perhaps he doesnt understand such feelings ~~ As 1 poster here said. I’m sure those who are Team Eric know he’s a Badass! Perhaps That is part pof his appeal for them?? I personally like Bill better…With Bill there is more drama. More character…More of a troubled soul.Eric Northman has No qualms about being a Monster…Bill Does!

  • See, even former cast members are Team Bill! I’m really happy to hear that! Eric is hot, but couples material he is NOT!