Michelle Forbes’ Fond Memories of True Blood Season 2

May 21, 2010 by  

With the impending DVD release of True Blood Season 2, Michelle Forbes was interviewed by Last Broadcast on what is was like to be part of the show, playing a character as bizarre as Maryann.

Michelle says actors live for roles like that where they can explore new territory. She learned what a Maenad was through discussions of Greek mythology with the show’s creator, Alan Ball, and then just had fun getting to be wild and free, running around barefoot in evening dresses and having parties.

Michelle did admit that her stomach churned at some of things Maryann did (heart souffle, anyone?), but she was also a character that liberated people in a way. To prepare, she looked at films that conveyed “the spirit of abandon” and periods in culture where moral boundaries were broken down:

“I like to think that Maryann was there during all of those transgressive periods in time. That she was texting Caligula: what are you doing this evening? And that she had something to do with Woodstock as well–working everyone into a frenzy.”

Michelle is effusive in her praise of everyone working on True Blood. She talks about how much she loves HBO for allowing shows like this to thrive because of the freedom they give their storytellers. She talks about the cast, how talented and loving they are.

When asked what the highlight was of playing Maryann, Michelle thinks of one scene in particular:

“I have a scene where I come in after a night of ravaging in the woods and I just have a casual conversation with a dead rabbit over my lap. I love that scene so much. And I love frolicking in the woods and dancing. I had no idea how bonkers it was going to get towards the end of the series. I can’t imagine I’ll ever play another character like her again! It’s insanely unique.”

From a viewer’s standpoint, Maryann was only as interesting as she was because of Michelle Forbes’ performance. True Blood was lucky to have had such an outstanding actress for that prominent role in Season 2.

SOURCE: lastbroadcast.co.uk

(Photo credit: HBO, Inc.)