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michforbesRecently Michelle Forbes from Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV Show “True Blood” was interviewed by Nicholas White from fancast.com and discussed with him her role on “True Blood” and her other projects. In regards to “True Blood” Ms. Forbes states that what attracted her to “True Blood” is that is a very unique show and that the character that she plays (Maryann, but there is something more to her and we have to wait and see what it is) is fun and challenging. She states that “It’s being in this world that is not rooted in reality and human emotion. It’s wonderful to do both at the same time, to alternate between deep reality and hyper-reality.”

In regards to the format of the show Ms. Forbes says “True Blood” feels more like a film because it is being shot on film verse HD. When it comes to filming the episodes for “True Blood” usually they take 10 days to complete one instead of the usual seven or eight days on other series. A lot of attention is paid in the details to produce a high quality piece. She states that the benefit of working with a cable production is that the film shoots are shorter then other productions (4-6 months versus 9 months) allowing an actor to tell a complete story and have time to pursue other projects afterwards.

Ms. Forbes was asked if she has spoken to Anna Paquin since the award ceremony regarding her Golden Globe win. Ms. Forbes stated that she was happy for Anna and that she saw her briefly to congratulate her but she knows that she will be seeing a lot more of her each week as they shoot season 2

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SOURCE:  ‘True Blood,’ ‘In Treatment’s’ Michelle Forbes Resurrected On DirecTV

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