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michelle-forbes-hbos-true-blood-season-two-1xnlzjThankfully, Maryann was destroyed in the season two finale but it will be sad to lose the incredible talent of Michelle Forbes. She was a great addition to the cast of True Blood and the rest of the actors are probably going to miss working with her.

People Magazine interviewed Michelle to ask her what drew her to the show and what it was like filming some of those crazy Bacchanalian scenes.

Starting out, the only description of Maryann that Michelle knew was the basic mythological definition of a maenad. While it was a bit outrageous, especially given that she was seemingly a social worker of sorts, Michelle was intrigued:

“It didn’t necessarily line up with what was on the page and that was the exciting thing that sort of gets the hair on the back of your neck standing up. You start looking for a shovel because you just want to start digging to figure out what this riddle is all about.”

As more of Maryann’s motives began to reveal themselves, Michelle came to see her as an embodiment of people’s efforts to liberate themselves morally:

“I think Maryann represents things going on in the real world since the beginning of time — Woodstock, Paris in the ’20s, the transgressive movement of cinema and music in New York in the ’80s — when people were just really trying to shed all moral boundaries.”

As for shooting the orgies, the awkwardness was there at first but everyone was very professional about it and pretty much got used to it. There were also some amusing aspects:

“At one of the orgies there was this bunny — there was a rabbit, who was just sitting there staring at us. We all kept saying, ‘Look that bunny’s still there.’ And after about 45 minutes, I thought, ‘Maybe he’s hurt,’ and I started to walk over to it and it took two hops and I was like, ‘Nope, he’s just a pervert.’ He was pervy Peter Rabbit!”

Of her True Blood experience, Michelle is just excited by how bold the storytelling was and how they weren’t afraid to take risks. That’s what she hopes for most as an actor. She does say, however, that in public now, people are scared to meet her, even though she’s actually very nice:

“I could kill Alan Ball.”

He certainly got a memorable performance out of her!

SOURCE: people.com

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