Michelle Forbes: An Introspective Look At True Blood

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michelle-forbes_Albert L Ortega via Exposay_comMichelle Forbes, who plays Maryann in True Blood, was in Paris recently with Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Trammell and Rutina Wesley to promote HBO’s hit vampire series, True Blood.

Prior to her role on HBO’s True Blood, Michelle Forbes was already well known for her roles in, 24, Lost, Prison Break, as Admiral Helena Cain aka Razor in Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Julianna Cox in the cult TV series Homicide: Life on the Street and most famously as the Bajoran Lieutenant Ro on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

A versatile, thoughtful and highly talented actress, Michelle Forbes admits that she’s interested in roles that

“frightens me, annoys me, [and] make me question my certainties […] the humanity of the character is important.”

When asked about her character Maryann in True Blood, Michelle Forbes explains that Maryann is indeed a disturbing character,

“[…] Over time, you realize she likes to ‘collect’ people [who are] lost, alone, seeking solace […] Viewers will perhaps see a predator.”

However, having inhabited the character and played the role of Maryann for seventeen months, Forbes clearly believes that there is more to Maryann that meets the eye. As she explains it, love and faith are central themes to True Blood and Maryann is at the centre of this exploration:

True Blood [is about] destructive love, sincere love, parental love, but also about faith […] The series highlights […] our inability to think for ourselves, our tendency to follow the ideology of a group for fear of seeming an outsider. This is an important reflection especially in an America that comes eight years after President Bush.”

At the same time, Michelle Forbes also acknowledges that these themes, while complex, require a narrative and visual arc to allow for a deeper exploration. She compares it to the process of painting a work of art:

“Any complex series needs time […] It’s like a painting. First you need to draw the outline […] and reach the goal step by step. It is absurd to expect a work to be perfect […] from the beginning.”

When asked if True Blood is a series about vampires, she indicates:

“I do not think True Blood [is simply] a “series about vampires” […] It is much more than that. It’s about a telepath, a man who turns into a dog, a girl who becomes a woman, a traumatized ex-soldier, an alcoholic cop who seeks respect and love […] This is not a vampire story [it] is the story of a village, Bon Temps, and [the] emotional and existential quests of its inhabitants.”

Season 2 of True Blood premiered on French TV on December 2 on Orange Cinemax.

SOURCE: Translated from Telerama.fr

Picture credit: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos via exposay.com

  • Antonio

    I must say that I agree with her assesment of the show. The show is about so much more than vampires. I would agree its also about people,relationships,love..whether sincere or contrived or unsure. It’s about faith and belief as well. She compares it to a painting..very astute. I like her description of the show as people exploring existential as well as emotional issues. She is not only Very attractive but also highly intelligent and lucid,too! I’m impressed. For Me, before watching TB,I had Not heard of many of these actors..The Only 1 i’d known about was Anna Paquin from The Piano and her acting career.
    I had never heard of either Stephen Moyer or Sam Trammell before this even though Both had been acting onstage and on tv and in films for quite some time.
    Of Course, I hadnt really heard of James Gandolfini ~~of Soprano fame~~ before The Sopranos either even though he had been in feature films prior to that. I was under the impression,for quite some time, that Only the major movie studios could make or break a career in acting..I was wrong!! Now it seems that many of the cable networks wield as much power as well!! HBO certainly does as does Showtime and TNT and FX Networks!!

  • BillsNumberOneFan

    What? No mention of her role as Bajoran Lieutenant Ro on Star Trek: The Next Generation? Whassup wit dat?!

    • Hi BillsNumberOneFan,

      You are so correct that one of Michelle’s biggest role on Star Trek: The Next Generation as the Bajoran Lieutenant Ro should have been mentioned in the original source article and it was our mistake to have not inserted it. We have corrected the article and thank you so much for bringing it to our attention.

  • Isis Nocturne

    And… It has some very smart people behind each character, which allows all that to happen.