Michelle Forbes Joins AMC Series, “The Killing”

April 18, 2010 by  

The AMC network has announced that it has cast True Blood’s very own Michelle Forbes, to play the part of ‘Mitch’ on their new drama “The Killing”.  As most of you know Forbes played the evil Maryann on True Blood and did an amazing job of it.

The Killing” will be filming its pilot episode which will be directed by Patty Jenkins, who also directed the film “Monster”.  It is a drama that centers around the police investigation of a girl’s murder. Forbes’ character, ‘Mitch’, is the victim’s mother.  The part of Mitch’s husband will be played by Brent Sexton, who recently starred in “The Valley of Elah”.  Some other actors that have been picked up for the new series are Eric Laden from “Generation Kill” and Jamie Ann Allman from “The Notebook”. We are sure that Michelle will make an excellent addition to this cast!

SOURCE: The Live Feed
(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)