Michelle Forbes Reveals Finale Secrets

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michelleforbesMaryann, the front of all troubles in Bon Temps, might be on her way out of  town. But before leaving, actress Michelle Forbes, who played Maryann, spoke with TV Guide Magazine and shared interesting things that we all need to know about the awaited season finale.

Forbes confessed she had so much fun shooting the finale and even revealed that she kept losing her focus.

“We were all out in the woods having so much fun. I kept losing focus because I was watching them do these hilarious and insane things.”

Perhaps we might even think that she’s armed with culinary skills since her character has been doing a lot of cooking. But she humorously said,

“My cooking skills are not to be discussed. That’s what God provided restaurants for. I did, however, have a 5 a.m. flambé lesson to cook that heart. I thought I’d better have some coffee before I started. I was nervous I was going to burn the studio down, but it was pretty easy.”

Moreover, she commented about the scene in which she was chopping Daphne’s heart. It looks like a real one, but she doesn’t even know what it was. And being a vegetarian herself, cooking a lot of meat must be really tough for her.

“I’m not sure what it was, but we all got creeped out when I cut into it because it made the worst squishing sound in the world. The irony is that I’m a 30-year vegetarian. I’ve been an animal activist my entire life, so the role of Maryann has been a bit challenging – especially with the lovely meat tree – Di-meat-tree, as he became known.”

Forbes tagged the creepy and disgusting tree outside Grams house as “Di-meat-tree”. Fact is, it was  filled with real meat and it reeked as the weeks passed. Someone was even tasked to sit by the tree with a gun at night to protect it because there were bobcats and coyotes around.

She also revealed Maryann’s vulnerability:

“Once she believes the god is finally coming, that will be her vulnerability. Or shall I say her Achilles’ Heel.”

Looks like Sookie and the rest of the gang should find a way of  making Maryann believe that her god is really coming.

When asked about the mysterious vibrating egg in the bed with Tara and Eggs, she just said,

“I’m going to pass on that one because I want people to be surprised as they go into it.”

Truly, Michelle Forbes gave us yet another reason why we should anticipate for the season finale on the 13th.

Source: www.tvguidemagazine.com

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