Michelle Forbes Talks With Sci Fi About Portraying Maryann

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maryannBon Temps has been turned upside down by the mysterious Maryann, who is portrayed beautifully by Michelle Forbes. As we get closer to the season finale, True Blood fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the next twist will be in Maryann’s chaotic plans.

The Sci Fi Wire recently talked with Michelle Forbes about her dynamic portrayal of Maryann and how she feels about the character. Sci Fi discussed with Michelle how Maryann was introduced to us as a social worker with mysterious alterior motives, and has now managed to take a magical hold over the citizens of Bon Temps with her eyes set on her main target, Sam MerlotteMichelle who is no stranger to the sci fi world (she also starred on Battlestar Galactica), had this to say about her work on True Blood:

“I’ve gone to some deep and dark places where I have had to be fairly brave in the past, but it’s always been emotionally internal. This [show] is a different animal, but boy, is it fun!”

Forbes also talked about how surprising it has been this season with the things she has been asked to do on the show by Executive Producer, Alan Ball.

“Before I started the show at the end of last season and I was talking to a director…we were chatting about how far we would go, and he said, ‘You’ll be asked to do things you’ve never been asked before.’ I remember thinking, ‘Yeah, sure.’ I’ve been asked to do some pretty crazy things. I didn’t take him seriously. But I opened that first episode for the second season and went ‘Okayyy. Now I understand what he meant!”

Forbes also had this to say:

“What’s wonderful is that everyone is so game and fearless on that set that it just galvanizes you and makes you excited about being fearless, too. It makes you feel silly if you feel shy. By nature I am a fairly shy person, but I think Alan and the writers may have knocked that shyness right out of me.”

Sci Fi also talked about Maryann’s transition from book to big screen. The fans of Charlaine Harris’ books know that Maryann is based off of the character, “Callisto” who is very similar to Forbes’s character, Maryann. Sci Fi also asked Michelle how she wound up working on True Blood. Michelle explained by saying:

“I’d heard rumblings about Alan Ball’s new series, but I sort of walked in rather clueless. What I remember most about the meeting, to be honest, was that Željko Ivanek [the Magister in season one] was in the waiting room, and I hadn’t seen him in ages. I was really happy to catch up with him. But I did go in and meet with Alan. It was mysterious, and it wasn’t clear what or who she was, but we chatted, and it worked it out fine, because I got the call later that day.”

Forbes went on to talk about how Maryann is really a “girlie girl” role and how that is a rare role for her to play, but that she loves doing it. The one thing Michelle did have a hard time doing was embracing Maryann’s ability to just let go and be fearless. Michelle explains:

“The thing that was the most difficult for me to settle into was Maryann’s freedom. She has ultimate freedom, and strangely that’s a very difficult thing to play. She has a different moral construct and a different construct altogether from the rest of us. She is not shackled by any of the things that we are shackled by.”

Now Michelle’s fans can only sit back and wait to see the mystery of Maryann unfold as the season finale of True Blood approaches. Will Sookie, Bill, Jason, and Andy be able to stop Maryann from destroying Sam? The answer to this question is one that Michelle will not give up, but she closed her interview with Sci Fi Wire by saying:

“She [Maryann] loves her mischief and having her fun along the way. She has a different understanding of the world and this particular plane. She doesn’t see an end in the road the way everyone else does, because she has no time constraints and no moral constraints. And in playing her it is impossible for me to see her as a villain. But the same can be said of any character that I have played. Admiral Cain [of Battlestar Galactica], you could say she was a villain, but the beauty of Ron Moore’s writing is that there was logic in what she did and said. The thing about Maryann, too, is that the writers have always given her a beautiful logic in what she says. I just love the entire story. I had no idea where it was going in the beginning. I, however, especially with Maryann, really enjoyed the sense of not knowing.”

SOURCE: Sci Fi Wire

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