Mississippi: True Blood’s New Bon Temps

April 15, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s film crews set up shop in Natchez, Mississippi this week, using the town as the fictional Bon Temps to film four episodes for Season 3, according to the Natchez Democrat.

Filming took place at Longwood, (also known as Nutt’s Folly) is owned by the Pilgrimage Garden Club and is the largest octagonal house in America.

Crews would not comment on their work in Natchez, but resident Ed Godfrey said it was only a matter of time until the town made it onto the show.

“The man who used to be with the Louisiana film commission is a Natchez native, and he got them up here antiques shopping. I always say, if you can get people to Natchez they will love it every time. The production manager took one look at Longwood and said she wanted (the historic house) in next year’s series.”

Ed, who has been managing the site for the film company, said he hopes the show will draw curious tourists to Mississippi.

“It will without question generate tourism for Natchez. This is the first time that Longwood has been used in any type of film production.”

The film crew is also expected to purchase 300-400 hotel nights — a big economic boost for the area, Ed said.

Below is a video of this beautiful mansion.  Now True Blood fans what do you think this home will be used for in season 3?

SOURCE: The Natchez Democrat

(Photo credit:  Ben Hillyer / Natchez Democrat)

  • annm1969

    I would say this is going to be the King’s mansion. It’s odd looking and in Ms and I’m more inclined to think it would suit a vampire residence. I would think the Bellefluer’s masion would look more like a traditional plantion home, like Bill’s house but maybe larger scale, if they even cover that part of the books.

  • billismine

    @ B Kent. Never thought of Belle Reve, but I think that going by the new characters that have been cast for season 3, that it will be Russell Edgington, the Vampyre King of Mississippi’s mansion. In the book version nothing really happens at Belle Rive until the double wedding of Andy and his sister, Portia, which is much later in the story, other than hearing that Bill has anonymously given the Bellefleurs money to restore it.

    • B. Kent

      I did originally think that the mansion might be used as Russel Edgington’s house, but since the article said that they were filming on location scenes of Bon Temps in this town and not scenes from Jackson, my guess was swtiched to Belle Rive.

  • Louisianagirl29

    You know you’re in the South when you see moss hanging from the trees. I think this is the Russell’s mansion. I’m going crazy waiting for June!

  • Ten bucks says this is The King’s mansion. 😉 Rock on Russell!

  • B. Kent

    If they use it, I am thinking that the mansion will be used as “Belle Rive”, the antebellum home owned by the Bellefluers (as mentioned in the books).

  • Angela

    I live in MS and I haven’t heard anything about this!

    • Angela,
      Me too! In fact, I was in Natchez last week and didn’t hear anything about it. I toured Longwood a long time ago. It is so beautiful and unique. I think I may have to make the 2.5-3 hour drive for this!