Molly Burnett Has Taken a Turn for the Better?

June 25, 2009 by  

Molly-burnettMolly Burnett, best known for her Hell raising character Melanie on Days of Our Lives, has taken a turn for the better?  As a seductive Jesus loving rock singer on Alan Ball’s HBO show True Blood.  In a question and answer interview with Michael Logan in TVGuidemagazine, Molly talks about her role as Amanda Jane and her character’s performance as lead singer of the all girl Christian rock band “Amanda Jane and The God Rockets” here are some fun excerpts from the interview:

True Blood couldn’t be hotter—and cooler—so kudos on the gig! Are you a fan?”
“Before I did the role I didn’t have HBO—which has obviously changed now—so I didn’t know the show. Prior to the audition I went online to watch an episode. I just selected one at random and it was the one where this crazed naked vampire [Liam, played by Graham Shiels] is having sex with a woman who’s all tied up, and I was like, “Oh, my God! What kind of show am I auditioning for?” But my best friend, who watches True Blood, said, “It’s OK, Molly. Relax. It’s not all like that.”

What’s funny is I am thinking about the scene and all the crazy stuff is part of what attracted me to the show. Jason (Ryan Kwanten’s) scenes with Maudette Picken’s played by Danielle Sapia, introduced us to his character in such an ‘in your face’ way.  You were able to read him from the beginning, even as a womanizer his air-headed, himbo personality is what made him so likable. In my opinion the video sex with Liam gave you a fun glimpse into the ride Alan Ball was about to take you on.  I would imagine as an actress it would be intimidating to think uh-oh what are they expecting of me.

In more of the question and answer she goes on to explain the character of Amanda Jane:

“What’s the scoop on Amanda Jane?”
“She’s not your stereotypical Christian singer. She’s very sexy in a Britney Spears sort of way. She’d be considered a little controversial, not very appropriate for Christian music, I guess, but there she is dancing and rockin’ out and singing about Jesus, so it’s kinda funny. She’s the little do-gooder who passes out Honesty rings.

I think the funniest part of the interview was when realizing the popularity of the show Molly’s response was “If I’d only known how cool True Blood is, I would have freaked out!”

“Jesus Asked Me Out Today” is available on iTunes, and has been added to the season 1 True Blood soundtrack.

To read more of the interview follows the link below:

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