More New Casting Lineup for True Blood

December 27, 2008 by  

true-blood02According to Spoiler TV “True Blood” will be adding several more characters to Season 2.  As of December 23, 2008 no one has been casted for these characters however, we should have news soon as filming for Season 2 begins January 6, 2009. The following characters have been listed for casting: Sid Matt Lancaster, Sookie’s lawyer from Book 2; Shawnelle, bar patron who tries to hook up with Hoyt, not in the book; Coralee, bar patron, not in the book; Vonetta, bar patron, not in the book and a news anchor person.  We will have to wait and see how these new characters not in the book play out in the show. To read the details on these characters click the link below.

SOURCE:  True Blood – Episode 2.01 – Nothing But The Blood  -New Casting Call

(Photo credit: HBO, Inc. and Jamie Trueblood)