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Surprise Pkg from HBO True Blood - Whatever can it be?

Surprise Pkg from HBO True Blood – Whatever can it be?

I’ve been a member of fandom for a lot of years. It started when I was nine and became an instant Start Trek fan (I am now, and will always remain, a Trekie!), then the Monkees, The Highlander, and after a long wait, finally, eternally, True Blood. I’ve been on Parmount’s lot, I’ve been in Disney’s attic, I went to Roddenberry’s memorial, to Davy Jones’ birthday party, and have been on vacation with Q and his kids. But I have NEVER been so well treated by any organization as I have been by True Blood and HBO. I was invited to go on the set and got to sit where Vampire Bill sits on his first visit to Merlotte’s, I got to meet with Stephan Moyer when he was in my ‘neck’ of the woods, and we have been gifted by True Blood and HBO with many items to give away to the most important folks of all, you, the fans. (We’ll be giving away the last of these posters during the series Finale on Sunday, Aug 24th 2014!)

Since season 7 has started, I’ve gotten surprise packages from HBO and True Blood. It’s like a secret Santa campaign, only, it’s August and it’s vampires! (Hey, they both look great in red!) First I got a Joe Manganiello doll, then an awesome piece of art from the set (still trying to figure out the provenance of that if anyone can help!) Then today, the big brown truck visited and delivered this:

Well that looks… spookie! No not SOOKIE it looks SPOOKIE!

I gingerly opened it up…

A coffin - with our name on it!

A coffin – with our name on it!


And then I #PulledaGinger! How amazingly freakingly kewl is THAT! (And a bit scary!) It’s a True Blood coffin with my name on it!  I wanted to see what was inside.. but what if it’s a voodoo doll with my name on it! I decided to have a little drinkie poo to steel my nerves first. Those that follow me know, it was True Blood beverage and tequila! (I didn’t need the full LaLa which would have included a bit of ‘medication’ and I’m flat out of V so…

True Blood Thank You Card

True Blood Thank You Card!


A thank you card, from True Blood! It says, “TrueBlood To the Truebies who have celebrated seven seasons and are staying #TrueToTheEnd Your dedication warms the coldest hearts. We raise a bottle of Tru Blood to you!”  I had to get a hanky then, OK, it was industrial strength paper towels but you know those blood tears just stain everything!

I sipped my cocktail and sneaked a peek under the card.

Coffin Contents

Coffin Contents

On no! It was a Voodoo doll! Oh, wait, it’s OK, I don’t have a beard. It’s a Alcide Herveaux doll! And…. what is that rolled up at the bottom? Why it’s a #TrueBlood T-shirt!



Bloody T Shirt

Bloody T Shirt – the perfect thing to wear during the finale!

You can’t really see it, but that dripping blood is filled with a zillion twitter account names! Pretty kewl. And of course, it says True Blood on the back. I’m going to wear it for the finale. At least when I start crying you’ll hardly be able to see the bloody teardrops. Also, in the box was a the most awesome keychain  that’s made of a true blood beverage cap, some tats, a merchandise discount card, and a book of quotes from you the fans!

Oher swag in the coffin

Oher swag in the coffin


So to @TruebloodHBO and everyone associated with the show – a deeply felt THANK YOU! This is FANGTASTIC! And you really didn’t need to do it, you had me at “Sookeh!” But while you’re in a giving mood, what about a spin off or a Special or even a movie in a year or two? You know, to give we Undying Fans something to come out of the coffin for…

#TrueToTheEnd #GoodbyesSuck #UndeathIsForever #BillMustLive #Fangs4TheMemories

Credits: HBO, @HBOTrueBlood

Photo Credits: Kasandra