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15785_largeIt seems that everday little bits of information come out regarding what fans can expect to happen in season 2 of Alan Ball’s very successful HBO TV series “True Blood”. News has already been coming out from various sources giving us little teasers. It seems that Alan Ball has mention that season 2 will revolve around Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) travelling to Dallas to find a missing area sherriff. However, their biggest obstacles will be newly made vampire Jessica who will be a throrn in their relationship and as Alan Ball stated ”she’s part of their life now.” ”Bill made her; he’s responsible for her.” It seems they will have turbulent times together.

Bill and Sookie’s relationship will not be the only focus in season 2. The series will develop several storylines with the other various characters. Jason will become more invovled with Fellowship of the Sun as he tries to find meaning to his life. The mysterious Maryann’s identity will be revealed in this season and will lead the audience to wonder what more is out there. Perhaps the biggest question that people have on their mind is what happened to Lafayette and will he be in Season 2. Alan Ball provides a little teaser by saying ”I can’t tell you if Lafayette will be back,” but ”He did die in the books.” What does this cryptic message mean? It seems that Alan Ball will keep us guessing until the season begins in the summer.

Filming for season 2 has already begun and information coming out states that the show is in pre-production in the Baton Rouge area. They plan to shoot portions of the show in Louisiana in February, April and June. It is interesting that they will be shooting in Baton Rouge. I can only make the assumption that perhaps they chose to use Baton Rouge as a stand-in to represent Dallas. Another interesting point is the film set in Louisiana will be accepting resumes and inquiries by e-mail at for extras on True Blood.

Audiences can expect a whirlwind of experiences with season 2 as only Alan Ball can present it. Sam Trammel mentioned that his character will have a new love interest but she will be up to no good. While Stephen Moyer stated in a red carpet interview during the Golden Globe, season 2 is going to be “out there” and there will be some crazy stuff happening. We cannot wait and see what is in store for season 2.


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