More True Blood Stitch Art Work

March 20, 2010 by  

A while back we presented some amazing artwork by True Blood fan Lorrie Krause who does True Blood-themed embroidery.  She uses a software program that takes pictures of the actors and creates a basic outline. She then sits down and does all the stitches by hand. She can make anything from patches to t-shirts. The pictures below are entitled “Bad Boys of Summer” and “Alex Better“.  As Lorrie has told us previously it takes a couple of days to complete these amazing pieces of art.

Lorrie also showcases her designs on the True Blood wiki, which you can view here. She has even gotten some offers to buy her work, but she says that she would want to make sure she had the actors’ permission before doing that.

Many thanks to Lorrie for creating these wonderful pieces of artwork and to Marcia de Rousse (the actress who plays Dr. Ludwig) for letting us know about her latest creations!

(Photo credits: Lorrie Krause)