MTV’s Hollywood Crush Applauds Jason Stackhouse as a “Genius Character”

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Jason StackhouseWhile True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) may not be the smartest guy in Bon TempsMTV’s Hollywood Crush still says he’s “A Genius Character” and should be nominated as “The Man of ‘True Blood‘!”

“No, Jason doesn’t turn into a dog to get out of hairy situations. He doesn’t have fangs either. And, fine … he hasn’t lived for a thousand years. But what Jason lacks in supernatural ability, he makes up for in unbelievable entertainment value.”

While actor Ryan Kwanten is also definitely easy on the eyes, there is much more to praise about his portrayal of Jason Stackhouse. Kwanten’s Jason is not the typical dumb jock character. Hollywood Crush lists five great reasons to praise Jason Stackhouse.

First, Jason makes a charming “Village Idiot.” He may be lacking in brains, but he is honest, “when he’s not lying about abducting vampires and sneaking V tabs.”  That “refreshing” and almost childlike honesty makes us forgive his many faults.

Hollywood Crush also says that just like Forrest Gump, when it comes to Jason Stackhouse, “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”  Though Jason makes a lot of mistakes, he owns up to them and “fights for what’s right.” That fact makes up for a lot of the times when he doesn’t use his brain.

And then there are his mighty smiting skills.  In episode 10, we saw perhaps one of the most hilarious scenes of the season:

“Jason proved his acting chops by pretending to be Maryann’s horned God — and with just a few road flares, a gas mask and an antlers-shaped branch, he pulled it off! Thanks to Stackhouse’s award-winning performance, and a little shape-shifting assistance from Mr. Merlotte, the whole town believes Sam has been “smitten” by the God… even if Jason himself doesn’t know what “smitten” means.”

In addition, Jason is also a fiercely loyal American hero, who showed that sometimes brawn is more useful than brains when he “snapped an American flag in half and used it to stake a vampire, even if it was just during a training session.”  We saw that national pride flare up again in Episode 10, when Jason tells Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) that even though their friends and neighbors are zombies, “they’re still Americans” and that still means something to him.

Finally, if you’ve heard actor Ryan Kwanten speak out of character, you know that he is Australian, though you’d never guess it just from watching the show.  Kwanten is totally believable as Jason, and his fantastic work is just one more “reason to love the Bon Temps Bloke.”

Source: MTV Hollywood Crush

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