MTV Review of “True Blood” Comic Book

July 23, 2010 by  

Yes, it’s true. We have yet another medium in which to explore and enjoy our favorite characters from Bon Temps. On top of HBO’s True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels (which started it all), we now have a comic book.

Through IDW Publishing, “True Blood: #1” has a story by series creator Alan Ball and series writers Kate Barnow and Elisabeth Finch. The writing for this issue is by Mariah Huehner and David Tischman, with David Messina‘s artwork.‘s Josh Wigler reviewed issue #1. His thoughts?

The Positives:
Wigler likes the constant action – something, he says, the show doesn’t always accomplish because of budget constraints. But in a comic book, it can be easier.

“… “True Blood” #1 dives head first into the think of the action by introducing a brand new creature to the world of Bon Temps – a tentacled humanoid menace calling himself Ted.”

That sounds fun. Wigler confirms that Ted is really the center of the story and is definitely a character worth reading. But that’s a new character. What about the ones we already know and love?

Wigler names Sookie, Bill, Jason, and Lafayette as all being apart of the issue and stay pretty true to who we see on HBO every week.

The Not-So-Positive:
Wigly notes the lack of R-rated language hard to ignore.

“The HBO series is well known for its risque subject matter – heck, that’s what draws viewers in on a weekly basis, for better or for worse – so the absence of Lafayette‘s creative curse words and Jason‘s dimwitted oneliners are very much missed.”

He also thinks the pacing of the story is a little off and the issue fails to explore Bon Temps outside of Merlotte‘s.

The Conclusion:

If you’re already a hard-core Truebie, the comic may be a little tough to get through. But don’t let that deter you from checking it out. It’s still fun and different and the characters come off well.

Be sure to check out the entire review here.

Has anybody had the chance to read it for themselves? Let us know what you think!


(Photo Credit: IDW Publishing)