New Music Scores for True Blood’s Season 3

May 28, 2010 by  

It appears that HBO‘s hit series True Blood has many fans among musicians.  Thanks to Jennifer Vineyard’s article in Rolling Stone, we learned that the show’s producers have recruited an impressive list of top artists for the Season 3 soundtrack.

Among those who will be contributing their music – both old and new material – are Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Beck, Robbie Robertson, Lucinda Williams, the Eels and M. Ward.  When asked about the show’s appeal, Elvis Costello joked, “Who isn’t a fan of nakedness and vampirism?”

After providing a demo to Gary Calamar, the show’s music supervisor, Lucinda Williams worked closely with Gary and took his suggestion to pair up with Elvis Costello.  Together, Lucinda and Elvis collaborated with True Blood‘s in-house composer, Nathan Barr, to give their compositions the right mood.  According to Nathan Barr, “Cello is central to the scores that I write.  If there’s not some cello or heavy guitar, it won’t sound like True Blood.”

It has not yet been determined which scenes will feature the songs by Lucinda Williams and Elvis Costello.  Season 3 is still in production, although it airs on June 13.  But Lucinda has a request.

“I want it to be a totally hot, steamy, lustful scene between Sookie and Bill,” she says. “That would be perfect – Bill comes back, and they have torrid sex. Yes!”

I think we’re all in agreement.


(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)