True Blood Music Season 1 Episode 1 Strange Love

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True Blood Music Season 1 Episode 1 Strange Love

CC Adcock : Y’All Think She’d Be Good to Me
Scene: A pickup truck with two coeds pulls into a convenience store when they spot a Tru Blood sign.

Robbie Fulks : Goodbye Good Lookin
Scene: Bon Temps locals are out to eat at Merlotte’s. We meet Sookie (Anna Paquin).

Southern Culture on the Skids : Soulful Garage
Scene: Sookie leans on the bar talking to Sam.

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet : Hereafter The Dreaming Dead
Scene: Sookie turns around instinctively, when Bill the vampire sits down at Merlotte’s.

Slim Harpo : Strange Love
Scene: Sam tends bar while Sookie talks with Tara who downs her second margarita.

Lucinda Williams : Lake Charles
Scene: Sookie tends to Bill after fighting off the Rattray’s. Sookie and Bill get acquainted outside of Merlotte’s.

Josh Ritter : Still Beating
Scene: It’s the end of the night at Merlotte’s and the crowd has thinned out. Jason wants to go home with Dawn.

Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars : Dang Good Stuff
Scene: Sookie soaks up the sun as Jason disturbs her to question her about her vampire encounter.

Joseph Arthur : Stumble and Pain
Scene: Sookie storms out of the kitchen and into the bar. She see’s Bill waiting for her.

Little Big Town : Bones
Scene: End Credits

Source: True Blood Wiki

  • pbartteacher

    Looking for the song (title and artist) that is playing when sookie and bill are talking at the table in Merlotte’s after she has saved it life. He delivers his first “Sooookie” and Anna almost falls off her chair.