True Blood Music Season 1 Episode 3 Mine

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True Blood Music Season 1 Episode 3 Mine

Vallejo : Snake in the Grass
Scene: Sookie is surrounded by hungry Vampires at the old Compton Place

Pitch Black : Free Fall
Scene: Vampires close in on Sookie but Bill scares them off.

Alex Chilton : Downtown
Scene:Tara and Sam discuss the Sookie and Bill situation while restocking the bar at Merlotte’s

Wilco : Far Far Away
Scene: Tara and Sam ask each other some personal questions while sitting on Sam’s Porch

Allen Toussaint : From A Whisper to a Scream
Scene: Tara and Sam work out an arrangement.

Bing Crosby & Judy Garland : Mine
Scene: Sookie sneaks up on Bill while he is reading, they kiss passionately.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club : Red Eyes and Tears
Scene: Bill shows up at Malcolm’s nest to make it clear to him and the other Vampire’s that Sookie is off limits.

Karminsky Experience : Belly Disco
Scene: Tara Flees her Mother’s drunken wrath and heads to Lafayette’s house.

Jonny McGovern : Soccer Practice
Scene: Jason dances for V Juice

Charlie Robinson : Good Times
Scene: End Credits

Source: True Blood Wiki