True Blood Music Season 1 Episode 4 Escape from Dragon House

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True Blood Music Season 1 Episode 4 Escape from Dragon House

Wayne “The Train” Hancock : Brand New Cadillac 
Scene:Playing in Merlotte’s Bar

Johnny Neel : Not This Time
Scene: When Sookie is at Merlotte’s and is listening in on every ones thoughts

Jeff Laine :Jack Me Up 
Scene:Sookie hears Hoyt thinking how much he was going to miss Dawn and how scared he was to ever talk to her

Kalani Kinimaku & His Kanakas : Hoi Mai, Kuu Ipo’ 
Scene:Sookie and Bill are riding in the car to Fangtasia and Bill tries to tell Sookie she looks nice
Heaven 17 :Don’t Fear The Reaper
Scene: At Fangtasia, Bill introduces Sookie to Long Shadow while ordering a drink
Darkest Hour : Demons
Scene: Sookie asks Longshadow questions about Maudette and Dawn

Dengue Fever Escape From Dragon House 
Scene:In the car ride from Fangtasia, Sookie asks Bill what language they were singing in the song playing in Bill’s car
Lynyrd Skynyrd : That Smell
Scene: End Credits
Solomon King : Jack Me Up 
Scene: Sookie serves Bill type ‘O’ True Blood. Plays on the Jukebox at Merlottes.

  • John

    Darkest Hour rule, I was happy to hear that song in True Blood!

  • Karl

    Actually, the song Demon(s) by Darkest Hour doesnt play untill Sookie and Bill walk away from Longshadow just after Bill pays him.