Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott Releasing True Blood Music Scores

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The score to HBO’s highly-acclaimed and record rating-breaking drama series, “True Blood”, is set to release September 8th on iTunes, and in-stores nationwide via Varese Sarabande Records.  Award-winning composer, Nathan Barr, arranges all the music, and performs the majority of the instrumentals from his own private home studio in Topanga Canyon.  As it’s first track, the score will feature the popular song “Take Me Home”, sung by Lisbeth Scott and featured on Episode 6 of the show.


An exclusive music video for “Take Me Home” filmed August 17th and will be debuted the 1st of September on both Nathan’s website as well as Lisbeth’s website A special give-away contest will also be taking place via these sites, where fans of the show can win (pre-sale) signed copies of the soundtrack signed by Barr and Lisbeth Scott.  Also featured on Nathan Barr’s official website are exclusive interviews where he discusses the music from True Blood and where he draws influences for the show’s extremely aesthetic sound.

A local signing for the score will take place at Dark Delicacies, 4213 West Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505 on September 13th from 1 to 3pm.  Barr and “True Blood” vocalist, Lisbeth Scott, will both be in attendance alongside Bear McCreary (Battlestar: Galactica and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

Executive Producer and show creator, Alan Ball, is extremely impressed with Barr’s score for the show. Ball recently expressed that “Nate’s score for True Blood continually impresses and surprise me, and one of the favorite parts of my job is driving out to his studio to hear his score cues, as I know I’m always in for a treat.  His music, with its distinct and completely acoustic flavor, perfectly captures the mix of suspense, terror, romance, and regional authenticity that the show calls for.  I know I can always count on him to take scenes which need that extra little bit of help and make them work better than I thought possible.”


Barr recently co-created a composer-centered monthly web-series called “Open Barr” which will begin airing on this Fall. In the series, Nate chats openly, intellectually, creatively, and at times hilariously with other high-profile names in the composing industry. The eclectic talents compare and contrast their lives, styles and creative processes.  The series will profile and expose the inner-workings of this often un-discussed realm of the music world, and offer viewers insight into what it takes to make it or break it as a true composer for visual media.  The pilot episode will feature composer Tyler Bates (Watchmen, 300).

Nathan not only composes his own original scores, he also performs all of the instruments heard in the majority of his compositions. Skilled in writing many styles and genres ranging from orchestral to rock, Barr is known for his collection and inclusion of rare and unusual instruments from around the world, which include human bone trumpets from Tibet, dismantled pianos, a rare glass armonica, and gourd cellos, among many others. Barr has scored more than 24 feature films to date, including Warner Bros.’ hit comedies The Dukes of Hazzard and Beerfest, to Eli Roth’s hit Hostel film series at Sony Screen Gems.” True Blood marks his debut as a composer for a full series.

Lisbeth Scott was raised as a classical pianist headed for a concert career practicing hours a day, until she ran away to California as soon as she could and began to discover her voice. Someone heard her singing and playing piano for a modern dance class in the hills of Idyllwild and suggested her voice for a score by composer Hans Zimmer.  Scott’s uniquely moving and shiver-inducing voice has been heard on literally hundreds of films. John Williams wrote a 5 minute solo specifically for her in the score for Spielberg’s film “Munich”. She was the featured vocalist and co-lyricist for the John Debney score to the film “The Passion of the Christ” and she was the featured vocalist and songwriter for the Disney film “The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe”. Lisbeth‘s vocals can be heard on 2 tracks of the “True Blood” score, “Take Me Home” and “Sancto Erico“. Lisbeth’s own upcoming album, working title “Hope is a thing”, will be released this fall. A new website to garner support for the album has been launched at, and the title track can also be heard on the site.


True Blood” details the whimsical co-existence of vampires and humans in small town Louisiana. Thanks to the invention of synthetic blood, humans have been taken off the menu and vampires have become fellow citizens overnight. Disconcerting to nearly everyone but Sookie Stackhouse (played by Academy Award winner Anna Paquin), a young, telepathic waitresses. As an outcast herself, she is optimistic about the integration of vampires. Drawn to the mysteries of their world, she falls in love with vampire Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer). “The story-telling and the characters in True Blood are all beautifully complex which makes my job as a composer very exciting because I have such a rich world to play with thematically.”

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SOURCE:  PR for Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott

(Photo credit: Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott)