Nathan Barr Talks about Writing Music for True Blood

June 19, 2010 by  

The score of True Blood is one of the many elements that plays an important part in making it the terrific show that it is. The talented Nathan Barr serves as True Blood’s composer, and that background music you hear when you watch is written and performed by him.

In an interview with the Danish website Serienjunkies, Nathan describes what it’s like working on the series and what his favorite moments have been.

Nathan knew going into the project that it would be special because Alan Ball was in charge and because the story is just so compelling. When asked what have been his favorite scenes to compose, he talked about how much he enjoyed “Cold Ground” (Season 1, episode 6). For the scene in which Sookie eats Gran’s last pecan pie, Nathan and singer Lisbeth Scott wrote the song “Take Me Home,” which has been one of the most emotionally moving moments in the entire show. He also loved the scene from “I Will Rise Up” in Season 2 during which Godric meets the sun.

Nathan had only praise to offer for his experiences working on True Blood, but he was asked what scene was the most difficult to compose for:

“Honestly, the show is so well crafted and acted that the scoring process is painless and totally organic. If I had to choose one scene that took quite a while to complete, it would be the scene where Amy is murdered during her V-enduced trip with Jason towards the end of the first season. This scene was a challenge because we are cutting back and forth from reality – where she is being murdered – and unreality – where she is “tripping” with Jason. To find one musical piece that seamlessly joined these two worlds, took a lot of work.”

Nathan’s work on True Blood certainly puts him among the ranks of the most talented composers these days. The sounds he has created for each mood and character are astounding, especially considering how varied it is! The characters are all so colorful and different, and the tone is constantly shifting, but the music always seems to fit perfectly.


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