Will Nelsan Ellis Appear Nude?

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Getting Naked

Nelsan Ellis, who we all know and love as Layfette from HBO’s True Blood, recently talked about being naked on a magazine cover. When we say talked about it, we really mean, he out right said no way! He would have to have some types of clothing on him. He would be very concerned on how his father would react.

Nelsan says that he has never really been worried about his body until Joe Manganiello showed up and he had to stand next to those abs!

“It didn’t affect me until Joe came along.” Ellis says. “You can see people on the set getting smaller and more cut. I held off because I like to eat but I was like, ‘I’m going to get to the gym,’ because when you’re standing next to Joe you look silly.”


Nelsan Ellis is also starring in the new Disney movie Secretariat as Eddie Sweat. This cast also includes Diane Lane and John Malkovich. Nelsan said that he grew up on a farm and there were horses around but he always saw them as big dumb animals. In working in this film, Nelsan has learned how smart they can be. In working with Diane Lane, Nelsan has gotten to see the mother of her really come out.

“She is a mother,” Ellis gushes. “She’s truly a mother. And more than that, she’s a nice nice nice chick. She’s a cool chick. You want to sit down and have drinks with her but if your button is off, she’ll sew it back on for you.”

In an earlier article on TrueBloodNet.comwe talked about his new movie, you can read and view a trailer for the movie.

Source: E! Online — True Blood Hottie: No Naked Magazine Covers for Me!

Photo Credit: HBO