Nelsan Ellis Doesn’t Want Lafayette to Settle Down

August 11, 2010 by  

Jesus:  Ruby has a flare for dramatics.

Lafayette:  It runs in the family.

Whether he is laying the smackdown on bunch of bigots, trying to save Tara’s life, putting some love into his cooking, or dancing after drinking Eric’s blood, you can not help but love Lafayette.  Brilliantly portrayed by Nelsan Ellis, Lafayette has earned just as much of a following as Eric Northman or Bill Compton–which is a remarkable feat considering Lafayette is not a vampire.  One of the best decisions ever made by Alan Ball was to not follow suit with the eventual fate of Lafayette in the Sookie Stackhouse Books.

As we all know, Lafayette is currently in a on-again-off-again type relationship with Jesus, the caretaker of Lafayette’s mentally unstable mother, Ruby.  The show has gone back and forth over how intimate and serious the relationship between these two characters has progressed.

However, in an interview with Digital Spy, Ellis stated that he doesn’t want the relationship to last long.  Although the romance does add a unique angle to the otherwise “I’m fine on my own” character type, Ellis feels that it just isn’t the time in Lafayette’s life to be looking for commitment.

“I don’t think he’s a settle-down-right-now type of dude.  I think later down the line, but I think he’s about his exploits and making money and stuff.”

Although Ellis has these feelings about the direction of his character, it is clear that he remains professional while on screen.  The scenes between Jesus and Lafayette resonate as extremely true to life as the actors clearly push one another to reach higher peaks.

Likewise, Ellis did suggest that the couple is falling in love and that their relationship won’t be just a fling.

“We know the show has a huge gay fanbase so we wanted to make it believable for all the fans.”

As Season 3 of True Blood progresses, we will have to see if Nelsan Ellis’ wishes come true.

SOURCE: Digital Spy

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc, screencap by James)