Nelsan Ellis Says ‘No’ To Getting Naked

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True Blood’s Lafayette Is ‘Very Uncomfortable’ With Nudity

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette on True Blood

In ‘Lafayette Reynolds,’ Nelsan Ellis has crafted a character that is one of the most memorable to grace our television screens in a very long time.

Despite Lafayette’s questionable activities as a drug dealer and male prostitute, which he augments with his jobs at Merlotte‘s as a short order cook and on the Renard Parish road crew, the character is among the most beloved on True Blood.

All the more reason to expect to see him disrobe like his costars Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård did for Rolling Stone last summer, right? As Ellis explains it though, we are never going to see him drop trou:

Naked? No. I’ll have some drawers on or something. My daddy’s a Christian. He’s going to disown me. I’m already two steps out the door. I get naked on Rolling Stone and he’s going to kick me out of the family.”

Ellis goes on to explain:

“I am very uncomfortable (with nudity). I’m from the South [born in Illinois, raised in Alabama], conservative Baptist background. So any time you want to disrobe me, it makes me uncomfortable, because we don’t do that where I’m from,” he laughs. “In fact, my whole character should make me uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.”

‘Next To Joe, You Look Silly’

Nelsan looks to be in great shape to show a bit more skin. And, he says he really didn’t think too much about it until Joe Manganiello joined the True Blood cast as Alcide Herveaux.

“It didn’t affect me until Joe came along.” Ellis says. “You can see people on the set getting smaller and more cut. I held off because I like to eat but I was like, ‘I’m going to get to the gym,’ because when you’re standing next to Joe you look silly.”

We think that Nelsan looks simply fabulous in the parade of eye-popping outfits perfectly matched to his ever-present heavy eyeshadow and liner. We’re looking forward to seeing more of what Lafayette reveals in True Blood season four, including his great outfits!

What do you think? Do you long for Lafayette to bare it all or is what you see of him enough to satisfy your craving for Bon Temps most stylish man?

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(Photo: HBO Inc.)

  • boo boo bear

    I love me some Lafayette almost more than any other actor on the set and I am very glad to hear that he has some lines he will not cross even for the fame. No matter where the line is, the fact that he draws a line is impressive to me.
    But then, every thing he has done is impressive to me. kudos to any actor with a moral conscience.
    I am not at all afraid of nudity or sex right on the show, but if he says no, then I respect his decision and expect others to do so also.
    go Laffy, you are the real hotNESS on this show! YOU ROCK! tell your Daddy that many also respect his “drawn lines”, you are his son, and we can tell just by how well you act the part of someone you are not! xo xo xo

  • Cyn

    I like the way Nelsan explains his feelings. He simply tells it the way it is without bashing anyone else.

    A funny thing to me is how ‘graphic’ some clothed scenes can seem. In particular, the scene with Lafayette and Eric after Eric told Lafayette to drink his blood or die from the bullet infection.
    That little dance Lafayette did afterward, specifically when he was ‘humping’ the chair. OMG. My face flushed. Great scene. 😉


  • Ashera

    As Alex said in a recent interview:

    ““True Blood” shows violence, sex and nudity very explicitly. Have you any problems with that?

    Some people in the states seem to rebuke me for showing myself naked in the show, but it’s not a big deal for me. Besides, America seems to be having quite hypocritical approach to sex and violence. As soon as they see a naked butt, they get panicked, but they do not seem to mind super-realistic brutality in movies or TV shows, or computer games. It’s absurd.”

    and I agree 🙂

  • txophelia

    I love that he’s got self-respect. I think actors should have their limits. I was quite shocked at the Rolling Stone cover with Anna, Stephen, and Alex… first question was, “How is Stephen okay with this?” LOL

    • Ashera

      So, are you saying that Anna, Stephen and Alex don’t have self-respect? I don’t think they would agree with you.. Personally I respect every actors own decision 🙂

  • DJ

    I’m the first one to say how much I enjoy the atmosphere on True Blood, including the nudity. Just the same, it’s almost refreshing to hear about an actor who insists on keeping his pants ON. Go Nelsan.

    • Ashera

      LoL 😛