Nelsan Ellis Offers Season 3 Theories

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94390_512x288_generated__FobClHyZEE68O+AfkxLNMQNot that he’s willing to break the True Blood code of silence and risk getting fired by Alan Ball, but Nelsan Ellis does have some ideas about where the show might go and what he’d like to see for Lafayette. He shared his insights with Digital Spy while he was at the MCM Expo in London.

Nelsan heard Alan Ball say that he’s planning for Lafayette to have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t think that his character is ready to be in a relationship:

“I don’t want a love interest, though, because I think Lafayette doesn’t have time! He has his businesses to deal with. Plus, it would take a special creature to pin him down.”

A special creature, indeed! Not only is Lafayette still traumatized from his time in the Fangtasia dungeon, but he doesn’t seem to put finding love at the top of his priority list. Whatever Alan decides to do will probably be a surprise to Lafayette, as well as Nelsan!

Nelsan does admit that he would feel uncomfortable filming sex scenes, but jokes that he would love to see some of those dreams Lafayette has about Eric! Since drinking the Viking vampire’s blood, Lafayette is forever linked to him, which will probably continue to play out with the V-distribution storyline from the end of Season two. Nelsan thinks that Eric is using Lafayette because he is so resourceful:

“He wants to take advantage of Lafayette’s skills, because Lafayette can maneuver in the environment and take care of himself pretty well. I think Eric knows that and so he will use him, because that skill is pretty rare in Bon Temps.”

Nelsan thinks that another interesting plot twist would be to turn Lafayette into a supe, but he thinks he’s already crazy enough as a human:

“It’s not appealing to me to be a vampire. I haven’t put too much thought on being a werewolf either. Because Lafayette is so eccentric as he is, how far can he go really? Also having all that hair on his face would mess up his makeup.”

Anything could happen! Especially since Lafayette is a character now completely disconnected from the story in Charlaine Harris’ books where he was killed.

Alan Ball can, and has, taken the show to new extremes. Nelsan says that he has gotten a script before and been completely amazed by the insanity:

“The pig and the witch. I was like ‘okay, really?’ I still don’t understand the whole pig situation. It wasn’t quite made clear why the pig is just chilling with her.”

On the subject of Bill’s kidnapping, Nelsan has read the books and knows that Russell, the Vampire King of Mississippi, is responsible, but he suspects Alan will mix it up to keep fans guessing. He shares his theory about it being Queen Sophie-Anne:

“Because if you remember, Bill’s found out that Eric’s been selling vampire blood. But Eric’s been selling vampire blood because he’s been ordered by the Queen to do it, and she didn’t like the fact that Bill knows. This is all just speculation on my part though!”

It’s fun to see the actors trying to figure things out just as much as we are. Of course, soon they will be back at work and know secrets that they still won’t tell us, but we can enjoy all the theories in the meantime until Season three!


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