Nelsan Ellis On What’s Coming For Lafayette

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Nelsan Ellis Lafayette: cousin of Tara, gay, cook at Merlotte’s, day-time construction worker, drug and vampire blood dealer. Aside from these character back stories, I am truly fascinated with the other side of his character. He has an unwavering wittiness, sassiness and outrageous behavior, which never fails to entertain me. Indeed, Lafayette Reynold has catapulted Nelsan Ellis into vampire and Hollywood history.

I for one believe that his acting skills are perfect already. But despite his success in portraying Lafayette, Nelsan is still critical about his performance, which is why he watches each episode 20 times in order to critique his own acting. However, he acknowledged fans attention as “very flattering” – a doubtlessly humble remark.

Moreover, Nelsan spoke about his character who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after being held hostage by Eric and then later was set free in season two. He said:

“I didn’t understand why they took me in such a drastic direction in season 2, but then again, somebody who is used to being on top because of his charms — once he’s completely powerless to defend himself, that can be completely traumatizing.”

He also revealed that he wouldn’t mind if his character was turned into a vampire or if Lafayette and Eric had more scenes together in the future. Nelsan said:

“I love working with Alexander Skarsgard. He brings such gravity to a scene,”

As season three production begins on December, I hope that we can still see more of Lafayette. I’m sure everybody does. We would all want to know the story behind his past and the reason why he’s got a fierce attitude. Well, we just have to wait because Nelsan will mention his idea to Alan Ball about some flashback scenes with Lafayette and his mother. This is like a breakthrough in the sense that he doesn’t usually talk to the show’s writers, regarding what’s coming for his character.

“There are so many lines about how his mother treated Lafayette. It would be nice if we found out in the flashbacks that she was a vampire.”

And for those people who would still want the show to stick with the storyline of the books, Nelsan noted that season three may not follow the books. He said,

“I think Alan has been great in keeping even fanatical readers of the Harris’ books on their toes. He’s changed things”.

Though Nelsan Ellis has already received accolades for his True Blood participation, his parents may not count. He said that his mother is deeply religious and his father doesn’t approve him of portraying a character like Lafayette.

Don’t worry Nelsan. True Blood fans are here to support you and you’ve done such a terrific job already.


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