Nerve Magazine’s Five Things We Want to See in Season 3

June 10, 2010 by  

Believe it or not, Truebies, our time is drawing near. And with Sunday coming up quick, Nerve’s James Brady Ryan came up with five things that might possibly make Season 3 even more awesome than Seasons 1 and 2.

#1 Tara Acting Smart

argues that Tara‘s character has lost some of her edge. She started out as a strong, willful character, but she’s screwed up one too many times to be believable. The girl’s got to make a smart decision eventually… right? He also draws attention to the fact that Tara and Sookie don’t really seem like the BFFs they say they are. When was the last time they really had a conversation?

#2 More Pam

Pam, Pam, Pam. She’s got great one-liners and has the ability to say a thousand words with one facial expression. But, at least according to Ryan, she’s just not used enough. He offers some suggestions for a plotline including mentoring vampire Jessica. She’s also one of the few characters who seems very put-together. More Pam!

#3 Male Characters Not in Love with Sookie

While Ryan admits his adoration for both Anna Paquin and her alter ego, he does make an interesting point. In Season 1, it was Bill vs. Sam. Ryan says this triangle was dull because “no one ever chooses the werewolf/shapeshifter over the vampire.” I personally might argue that statement, particularly if the shifter were in fact Sam Merlotte, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, in Season 2, we got Bill vs. Eric, a triangle that looks like it will continue into this Season on top of another supernatural guy pining after dear Sookie. Now we all know Sookie is supposed to be the link between humans and supernaturals, but it may be a nice change of pace if a male character isn’t interested.

#4 A Plotline for Lafayette

Lafayette is compared to Pam in this instance. He’s a great character who can steal any scene. But as Season 2 wore on, he became stuck as the advice-giver, watching everyone around him act out. Hopefully, he’ll have more fun this Season.

#5 Even More Nudity

True Blood is awesome. This we know. And if there’s one thing that we don’t want, it’s for the actors or the writers to get camera shy. And if the trailers and minisodes are any indication, we will not be disappointed.

What do you think of these suggestions? Got other ideas that will make True Blood awesome? Let’s hear ’em!


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  • lee

    I just hope it continues to use the book at least as a guide. I’d hate to see it a few seasons from now and have nothing in common with the corasponding book (sorry for bad spelling). I read the books after season 1 and love them both.

  • Jordan

    BTW season 2 feels shinier if thats possible and it feels as though its gonna crack as i get very clean freak when it comes to my TB dvds and getting the case from the holder case is difficult handle with care Trubies

  • Jordan

    ok people females inspecific guys like me watch this show and get “it” better u all want eric to be with sookie because u think he good looking but bills the right one for her and we will hopefuly see this in the books as she leaves bill and dates many others were bound to seee that in the series but the male viewer wich is much larger then it seems prefer bill because we dont get distracted about eric, hes a jerk with a very hard and ruged soft side who only cares about himself hes mindcontoling sookie brainwashing her as seen in season 2…. also more special features in season 3 dvd bcuz ss1&2 disappointed me with little special features but toghether make at least 2 days of TB commentary include was great and i like hearing the directors and actors talk about the show but they make me feel less like its real when i here there voice talking about “oyea i remember shooting the scene here.” so commentary is a execptable evil.

  • jaxx

    Showing the true nature of every character, not just what we want to see. There is good and bad to everyone, let’s see it all.

  • Yes, yes and yes! More Eric in general for me!