A Nest of Vampires in Old San Juan

November 26, 2009 by  

Stephen MoyerStephen Moyer, the actor, best known for his role as Vampire Bill Compton in the hit HBO series True Blood is currently in Puerto Rico working on his role in the The Caller. The film also stars Luis Guzman and Lorna Raver. Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Victoria in the Twilight saga, replaced Brittany Murphy, who stepped down from the role. It does seem that some of our favorite vampires are down in Puerto Rico at the moment and as local newspapers state Stephen is very charming and likeable. Puerto Rico also happened to be the island where both Pirates of the Caribbean and The Rum Diary were shot.

The cast met with the technical team on Thursday, November 19, where they had their first read through of the script and Friday, November 20 was the official start of filming, which took take place in San Juan. Some of the scenes will be filmed in an apartment located at Norzagaray street in Old San Juan, while others will be shot at the popular restaurant La Bombonera. Other locations include La Puntilla where Stephen and Rachelle are currently preparing for several night shoots including a steamy sex scene that Stephen and Rachelle‘s characters will share with each other.  According to local newspapers this is the only sex scene that will occur in the film to the dismay of perhaps many Stephen Moyer fans.

The Caller is about a divorcee, Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre), who begins to receive mysterious calls on her antique phone from an unknown caller named Rose. She quickly begins to feel haunted in her own home and her fears heighten when she discovers that Rose is calling from the past. When Mary threatens to end contact with Rose, the mysterious woman threatens to harm Mary in the past, forcing Mary to come to the dawning realization that she will have to kill this person in order to survive. But how does one kill someone in the past?

Stephen Moyer plays John Guidi, Mary’s new love interest and main support. Ed Quinn (also of True Blood) plays Mary’s abusive ex-husband. There are also several Puerto Rican actors who have been cast for this movie, namely, Alfedo de Quesada, Gladys Rodriguez, Cordelia Gonzalez, Grace Connelly and Aris Mejias.

Gladys Rodriguez, for example, has already filmed her first scene where she plays Concheta, the mother of John Guidi (Stephen Moyer). Rodriguez says of her experience with working with Stephen and Rachelle,

“I worked with both and they are charming. They are stars and yet are very simple. He is a sweetheart and as does my son, was very kind to me, giving me lots of kisses and hugs. It’s nice to work with them because they dominate the art of cinema…They are young people full of vitality and good actors. For me, it was an honor to work with them and with the director (Matthew Parkhill).”

The Caller is scheduled to be released sometime in 2010.




Photo credit: Jose R. Madera / STAFF / El Nuevo Dia