New Alexander Skarsgård Movie: Disconnect

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Indie Drama Directed by Henry-Alex Rubin:

Alexander Skarsgård, who stars as Eric Northman on HBO's True BloodOur favorite True Blood viking has been busy during his break from filming HBO’s True Blood. Alexander Skarsgård (who plays vampire Eric Northman) is not only currently filming What Maisie Knew, but the next film in the pipeworks is called The East. Now it has been announced that he will also be starring in the indie movie called Disconnect.

This movie is the first full-length film by director Henry-Alex Rubin, who is most famously known for his documentary Murderball. Skarsgård will star as a former Marine who gets involved in an extra-marital affair after his wife shuts him out emotionally.

Other stars include: Frank Grillo, Colin Ford and Michael Nyqvist. The screenplay is written by Andrew Stern and centers around a group of characters and how technology has impacted their lives.

Skarsgård is certainly keeping himself busy! What do you think, will any of you be catching these at the movie theater?

Sources: Variety – Alexander Skarsgård wants to ‘Disconnect’

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(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)

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  • Jaxx

    Wow Alex is sure busy.  Good for him.  He deserves it.  Add this to the  list of movies I will need to check out.