New True Blood Season 3 Trailer!

May 16, 2010 by  

Prior to The Hangover airing on HBO the other night, a new True Blood trailer aired! It’s much longer than the first one released, and it has a lot of new details about season 3 of True Blood and what we can expect to see!

Season 3 Clip Preview
  • Claire.M.C

    I cant wait intill true blood series 3 starts but i have to also watch it on the commputer day after the origional air date and i watched the trayler a couple of times.
    The 2 traylers look so grate and i cant wait intill june and there is so much to think about and quess what will happen in series 3.
    I think that bill and sookie have to break up this season for eric and sookie to be together in series 4.
    this is one of the main story lines in the true blood gonra esspeshaly in the books and what happens with bill and sookie in this season will effect series 4.

    I think that series 4 eric and sookie should defantly get together not in series 3 because sookie is still with bill but i think they should put the bit where sookie gets injures and eric and and sookie share blood.
    I think thay should show erics softer side to sookie and bills darker side.

    • Antonio

      I’m sure wherever Alan Ball takes us will be 1 heck of a ride!
      Can hardly wait ONLY 22 MORE DAYS!!

      side note here about 38 days till Twilight Eclipse

  • val

    Can’t wait for season 3!! I don’t think anyone of us really knows how Alan will twist this around but we know it will be GOOD!!!

  • I hope to see more of Eric he is so hot . And if stays to the book,s a little we will be seeing lot’s of Eric

  • Antonio

    OK! This Looks AWESOME! It looks like we will get to see a darker side of Bill. He Is a Vampire and vampires are dark, seductive,Manipulative creatures.With respect to the TL series..He is NOT Edward Cullen Nor is Sam Jacob!
    1 of the things that I like Best about True Blood is that it does NOT attempt to “sugar-coat” or Overly romanticize its characters Or storylines It tries to show the dark,harsh gritty world of these “vampers” as that older man called them in Ep.12 S1! Vampires and Werewolves are NOT cuddly critters!!
    I think that showing a darker side of Bill and a feral side of Jessica as well as different sides of Sam,Eric and Tara Make for greater drama and a better viewing experience!
    David Chase once a big name at HBO, stated that he thought that fans were having too much of a “lovefest” with Tony Soprano.
    He wanted to remind fans that he was dangerous treacherous and his group were Not “nice people”. Perhaps the same is true of Bill,Eric,Jessica and the others! As Bill once again said to Sookie in Ep.7 S1 “I am Not human Sookie I am Vampire!”
    If Both Bill And Eric are “playing around” Then That leaves Ms. Stackhouse in quite a different position On her Own!!
    I find That prospect Even More Exciting! How will she get by?
    Who will/can help her? That scene with her standing over someone maybe Eric with a loaded gun shows that she may Not be a “pushover” perhaps stronger than we thought of her!

  • Sarah

    Fab trailer and don’t know i am going to hold out from watching online before season 3 is aired in the UK possibly later this year but more likely early next year !

  • Hell

    Damn, I hope we fast-track it here in Australia, I don’t know how long I can wait for this to hit our screens. Season 2 on sale here in 2 days time, so, got my money ready for that…Soooo loving these previews…It looks AWESOME!!!!!!

    • lizzie

      Foxtel is showing it in August, but there is a push on the blog to have it, and other popular shows, to be fast tracked! Keep our fingers crossed!

      I also have my money ready for the Blu Ray!!

      Actually, just watching the repeats of S2 on Fox as I type!

      • jaxx

        Lizzie, do you see new TB the same night we see it in the US?? What is the delay there or do you have to watch on the computer?? Just curious. 🙂

        • lizzie

          Jaxx, shows are usually shown way after they are shown in the US or UK, but of late, a lot of shows are now being fast tracked eg we will see them a few hours after they are shown in the US. True Blood, eg, is to be shown in August. On the Foxtel (Cable deliverer)blog there is a BIG PUSH to have popular shows, like TB, Dexter, Supernatural etc to be fast tracked. Did you know we were about 3 years behind for shows like Star Trek Deep Space 9?? Everyone here is into reality shows and other crap. Sci Fi and off beat take the late night shift, except for TB and Dexter which are prime time.

          I saw first season on Fox Showcase, which shows HBO, early last year. Then, after I was well and truely hooked, I found the computer download system! You have to have a few options as some of them work or not work and it was very stressful towards the finale when no one could get them as sites were pulled off and it was hair raising! I really needed a valium by that stage!This year I have about 10 sites so hopefully will be lucky!

          • jaxx

            Lizzie, Oh my Gosh, well good luck. I didn’t realize it was that difficult to see our shows.

          • lizzie

            Jaxx – heard from a friend that a response is on the blog to say that there is no way TB can be fast tracked as HBO won’t release it until Aug – something to do with when Box Office can show it. What crap! Did you know we have S2 already on sale here in OZ!! Have my S2 Blu Ray already! They can do the DVDs but not the show?

          • jaxx

            Lizzie, that’s awful. 🙁 So in order to watch S3, you’ll have to watch in on the computer??

          • lizzie

            Yes Jaxx, the computer! If I am lucky on any if those ‘sites’, I should be able to see it mid Mon afternoon (late Sun night your time) and if my friend Craig is a good boy, he will download it onto his 46″ LCD and I will see it properly the following Thursday. Anyhow, if I am unlucky with the computer, it will mean not reading any posts on my TB sites incase of spoilers, but I will look and read as that will be better than nothing! I am emailing HBO!

          • Antonio

            Hi Lizzie and Jaxx
            You know something,Lizzie it would be just as difficult for us here in USA to to be able to see or aquire shows,programs movies ans such from UK or OZ or even NZ! For example, We would have difficulty seeing some of Stephen M’s Other work projects here in USA! I could Not see Ultraviolet or Nylon Nor would i be able to see Ryan Kwanten’s soap gig or Anyhting else he did in his homeland! I had to see SM in Ultraviolet Online from a website somewhere…I thought he was good and that look so cool!
            So Dont feel too bad about that.
            I could see why SM became So popular hes a good actor and a pretty cool guy to boot!
            American Tv is Ok The reality show thing has grown tired here also. I dont watch a lot of it other than TB which is on HBO.
            When i was younger there were things like The Cosby Show,Roseanne,Moonlighting even though That got tired after a while Seeing how Tv here became over a period of time almost makes me long for the days when The Love Boat,Fantasy Island Happy Days were on….I know this is goin back a ways

            BTW There were No Vampire type shows when i was a teen the best we had was a film called The Lost Boys…Oy!

          • jaxx

            Antonio, if you remember those shows, we’re around the same age. Don’t you remember a series called Dark Shadows??? There was the original in the 60’s (a little before my time)and again a remake in the 1990 or 1991. That’s a really good one if you ever want to rent it.

          • Actually Jaxx, it’s being made into a movie starring Johnny Depp! I think it’s supposed to come out in the next couple years.

          • jaxx

            Thanks Isis!! I think Johnny Depp will make a great Barnabas Collins.

          • Nia

            Agreed! Who else but Johnny D. for the role. Would Tim Burton be directing? It would make sense.
            I have just a few images from childhood of Dark Shadows. I just remember a face and that it was supposed to be the scariest show on tv at the time.

          • I don’t remember hearing if Tim Burton will be directing, but I agree that it would make sense. I only know about the movie b/c the Paley Center’s twitter acct had a contest, and asked where the show took place. I knew b/c my mom’s a huge fan of the original, and I won her a Dark Shadows calendar *is a good child* LOL

          • lizzie


            I guess you are right. The thing that bugs me is that some shows are fast tracked eg Lost, Supernatural and Stargate Universe, Why not TB? The fault lies with HBO. OZ TV have begged for Dexter and TB and HBO says no! That is my beef.

          • pbt

            Waving hand at Jaxx. Yes, I remember Dark Shadows. Use to watch it after school. Barnabas. Even watched the 1991 remake with Ben Cross in the staring role. LOL. Oh such good memories.

            But lets face it all of our TB hotties put those shows to shame. Our vamps, shifters and humans are way more sexier than those shows ever thought of being. Much more dangerous too.

            21 days until the V-ddiction continue. Go TB!

        • Antonio

          Hi TB Gang! Yes, I remember Dark Shadows It was a bit before my time when it was on tv the 1st time. I remember watching it on public tv in the mid ’80s. I think the show would be cheesy by today’s standards besides after TB things like that would look worn and dated. Funny how Barnabas was always trying to regain his humanity as opposed to trying to re-connect with it as Bill Compton might do.
          When I was a kid the Only horror-type things i can recall were re-runs of the Munsters,The Addams Family and Bewitched.
          Of course later there were shows like Buffy,Angel Charmed
          I used to watch Star Trek TNG sometimes and Tales from the Crypt another HBO program I didnt have it at That time.
          Do Any of you remember a show called Beauty & the Beast?
          it ran on american tv for a couple of years in the late 80s i believe. What a show That was! Vincent the poetic kind hearted but dont mess with him man-beast from under the streets of NY
          Catherine a bright,pretty and savvy Assisant DA who shared a secret romance with him. Boy, Their relationship was intense,huh? Even though they never really got to the stage that Sookie and Bill did (lovin on a regular basis) LOL
          The thing about B&B though was it was Never just about Cathy & Vince it was about the people they knew loved and tried to help…more
          Isnt it funny that Vincent Wells and Bill Compton share similar qualities? Both could sense when their beloved was in danger,
          Both defended their beloved fiercely,Both could be both feral and romantic. Gee, Bill Why dont You sit around reading poetry to Sookie and bringing her roses?? LOL
          Of Course Cathy Never took a bath with Vincent either Who’d want to clean up after that?? Gross! LMAO
          Bill and Sookie never had their portrait painted by an artist who was a ghost either.
          I think that Twilight is romantic and stirring …to an extent also.
          The Only thing about B&B is that Every epiosde was Sad!
          Intense and highly dramatic!!
          TB has something for Everyone! Laughs,chills,thrills,action tears sometimes romance sexual content violence gore
          As far as I’m concerened TB blows everything else “Out of the Water”!

          • jaxx

            Hi Antonio! I remember B&B. Didn’t it star Linda Hamilton?? Terminator mom?? Great show for its time. I think a lot of what we used to watch is dated. lol Never would survive today. I can’t wait for Johnny Depp to portray Barnabas Collins and see how they updated this tale. 🙂

  • veruca

    All I can say is…


    Jason Stackhouse has the greatest one-liners. He is to True Blood what Brittany is to Glee.

    My speculation on the bedroom scene – either a dream, or a certain scene from the books that takes place in Mississippi…

    • lizzie

      It is emphasised strongly in the clip that Sookie is looking for the man she loves. I don’t really think she will be doing anything with Eric – that would not put Sookie in a good light, don’t you think??
      Personally, I think Eric is having the dream and the type men seem to have, wink! wink!

      • LLE

        Bill is having sex with women while he been kidnapped. Bill is cheating on her.

        • lizzie

          Until we see the whole episode, we don’t know if Bill is cheating on Sookie or if Sookie is cheating on Bill. These are teasers and that is what they do – tease!

          • LLE

            Sookie finds Bill and they break up and they are not going to be together for long time.

        • Ummmm based on what from the show? Have you seen the season 3 episodes? This is based on inference not facts. Please don’t ruffle people’s feathers here.

        • Nia

          HI LLE,
          I agree with Lizzie and AdoreBill here. You are making an assumption based on very little facts. In fact to do so would be falling right in to the lap of the smiling and laughing Alan Ball who wants us to see the superficial(thus the teasers)and assume without all the facts, so that when the really see the episodes, we slap our foreheads, when the reality is finally revealed.
          Remember this is True Blood and anything and everything can and will happen.
          So sit back and enjoy the ride but remember we all have our favorites here and showing respect for all of them as well as to each other is always appreciated.

          Team True Blood!

          • LLE

            AB did say that he is breaking up Bill and Sookie.

      • Antonio

        A posssible break-up with Bill? Yes, it may be sad But somewhat exciting because it will put Miss Stackhouse into New territory! The unknown is always a bit scary and yet somewhat exciting too! I think it will be Really Cool if Sookie and Eric get together! After all she is still quite young and how will she know that she Really Loves Bill if their relationship is not tested? Eric,I’m Sure will try Something with her while Bill is absent! The new season looks Great! This may be just an old theory but How are you to know that you like chocolate ice cream better than vanilla if you’ve Never tried vanilla?
        Just a metaphor here. I think that because Sookie is still So young and naive She may have to explore the options left to her.
        Eric may be a source of comfort to her as well as Alcide.
        I like Bill But there is friction and tension not to mention drama with Eric! 1 More thing the program is called True Blood NOT True Love Lets Not forget that this Is a show about Vampires the undead As Bill quite eloquently put it in Ep.1 S1 Vampires can turn on those who trust them we do Not have your values! How Very BORING it would be if her love were to change him from monster to prince as in a fairy tale!
        Vampires are dark and mysterious creatures of dubious sexuality

      • Oh, Lizzie, you know I totally second that! As long as it remains a dream, I’m good! Sookie is a great character, and she’s in love with her boyfriend. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be searching for him. IMHO, the attractions she feels are NOT going to be acted upon, because that turns Sookie into something other than the woman she is. Sookie is honorable, and taking up with other guys while searching for your fiancé is NOT in her character!

        • Nia

          Hey Isis!! **Big waves**

          Been much to long.
          What if it is Eric having the dream? With the blood bond he can feel Sookie and she may be pining over Bill while he is gone. We know vampires can dream, Bill dreamed Sookie was in danger, so why not Eric having an erotic dream about Sookie??

          Also I cannot believe that Sookie would be going to Eric yet, not while Bill is still gone. What happens after they are reunited is still in the imagination of Alan Ball.

          Team True Blood!

          • Exactly! *waves back* I too don’t believe that Sookie would go to Eric or anyone else for love yet. Even in the beginning of the trailer, she’s looking for Bill!

    • jaxx

      We really don’t know what’s going on. With AB you think one thing and it’s another. Could be a dream, could be real??? I thought in the book, Sookie was beaten up for that certain scene and in bed??? Did anyone notice blue boxers??? That would be a dead give away. lol

      • annm

        I dvr-ed that trailer and looked at that part several times because I could not make out who was disrobing. I thought is was Yvetta but it’s actually Sookie. Eric had his normal black tank top and black pants on, which is what made me think it’s a dream. I didn’t see blue boxers in any of the scenes. Unfortunatley Eric looked fully clothed in everything shown in the trailer.

      • annm

        I saw the trailer posted on Youtube and some folks are saying that the whole bed scene is Jason and I guess Crystal? What do you think? I swear it looked like Eric on the bed and Sookie.

        • jaxx

          I actually stopped it at the 1:41 point. It is definitely Sookie and Eric on the bed with his black tank shirt on.

          • annm

            That’s what I thought. The Eric/Alex’s clothes kind of give it away. I still can’t wait, times ticking down!!!

    • *laughing* Oh, I agree… Brittany with that dolphin line, and Jason with the “Santa?” — both are great comedic characters and bring so much to their respective shows!

  • Sean

    It looks awesome. I can’t wait!

  • pbt

    Where do we start with that Trailer #2? Everything in that trailer is absolutely awesome. Nia is correct that the clips are very intense indeed. And the dream sequences (IMO) are looking hot, hot and hot.

    27 more days to wait which somehow seems like a lifetime. Woohooo! Jaxx you are right. The writers seem to have outdone themselves this season with the snippets of dialogue in this trailer. Loved the whole scene with Sookie and Jason. How about Franklin and Tara talking and he is inquiring about Sookie and Bill’s relationship? I found that conversation very interesting indeed.

    Loved the scene in Lou Pines/Club Dead with the weres. I noticed Patrick’s Swayze’s brother helping Sookie out the door and not in a good way. Coot howling in the were bar and getting the pack energized.

    So much to mention there. But again. Can’t wait! V-ddiction continues.

  • Melanie

    Hahahahaha – OMG I can’t wait! I just re-read book 3 again just to be caught up in what “might” happen this season – I am soooooo happy!

  • Nia

    Hi Isis and fellow Truebies!!

    Thank you so much Isis for posting this new amazing look into next seasons TB.
    All I can say is:
    It all looks so incredible, can barely wait another month!

    Team True Blood!

  • jaxx

    OMG, love it. This will be the best season yet. Lots going on here. Bill telling Sookie “Don’t look for me”, what’s that about, OMG, can’t hardly wait. Are those Eric/Sookie dream sequences or the real deal??? What’s Jessica up to? Jason, got to love Jason. Tara and Franklin. Alcide and weres. Lovin’ it so far and we haven’t even seen 1 episode of S3 yet. Wooo Hooo!!!

    • Antonio

      Bill telling Sookie not to look for him? Whats up with That?!
      Perhaps we Will learn the “real” reason Bill was sent to Bon Temps? Here, I thought Bill would do whatever he could to get back to her? Perhaps he is reverting to a more feral state?
      This is Too Much…Just Incredible!! I can hardly wait to see what happens!! AB Does like to surprise people He Does like to deviate and keep people guessing! Perhaps Bill And Eric will conspire against Sookie?? Whoa!! This looks SO Cool!!
      After All, A Vampire will be a Vampire!!
      Can hardly wait ONLY 26 More Days!!!

      • Maybe Bill is trying to protect Sookie from the danger he’s in, just like any good man or woman in love will do!

      • I sense that Sookie’s life is being threatened by whoever is holding Bill ( I suspect Lorena with some sort of deal with Russell). Therefore he is calling her to tell her not to look for him because if he doesn’t I suspect Lorena threatened to kill her if he didn’t.

        • Nia

          Hi Jaxx, Antonio, Pbt, Isis, AdoreBill and Lizzie!!!
          Hows the TB gang!!

          I really believe that Bill is trying to protect Sookie from danger by pushing her away. But who is putting her in danger is the question.
          Could it be Russell, Lorena, the queen, bikers, Franklin, etc..??
          We all know that Bill loves Sookie more than anything else. He is willing to lose her to save her.
          The “dead” look in his eyes is so heartbreaking while he is telling her not to look for him.
          Poor Bill and Sookie.

          I am also very interested to see what Franklin wants with them. Who is he working for? Was he sent by Russell because the biker weres messed up their original mission??
          So so much to speculate on.

          • jaxx

            Hi TB Gang *waves*!! There is just so much to take in in that 2 minute clip. I’ve probably watched it 50 times and swear I see something different I missed each time. I think the queen has a couple of side deals going on with a variety of people. Nia, you’re right, Bill doesn’t want to hurt Sookie. There’s another clip where he’s screaming out. I wonder if that’s just after he made that phone call??? I like that we’re back to the mystery aspect of this show like the first season. Who’s doing what? What deals are made? Who knows about them? Who’s involved and who’s innocent?? This should make for a great season. 🙂

          • Season 3 is probably going to define the word CRAZY! I’m seriously at the point of pulling out my hair in frustration because of the wait! So many questions, and so much theorizing!

          • Oh, I completely believe the same. I wonder what Stephen was thinking about when he filmed that. I’ll be it was really depressing, and everyone needed a 15 minute break when they finished that scene.

            As for Franklin, he scares me. I’m nervous to find out what he’s doing in Bon Temps.

          • jaxx

            I agree about Franklin. When he licks Tara, that totally creeped me out. Ick.

          • Nia

            Hey ladies!
            You are so right Jaxx. I admit I have not seen it as much as you, yet each time I do there seems to be something else that jumps out at me.
            I feel that much of the humor of the last season will be gone (ok, Santa?, thank god we still have our Jason!! LOL). But the torture, heartbreak, sadness, also fear and danger will be paramount.
            I am intrigued by the Franklin character. He seems truly evil and I am sad that Tara will again be in a hopeless relationship.

            And Isis, the scene where we see Bill screaming had me holding my hand over my heart and shedding tears. I felt his pain, so well did Stephen portray this (Emmy, PLEASE!!!!).
            Yes, what caused this, what was going through his mind at the time? What could make a vampire feel such anguish?

            We are so close, and now with these wonderful teasers, spoilers, drops and minisodes it still seems like a long wait.

            Hurry up Team True Blood!

          • I know! Stephen’s anguish as Bill is so palpable! I second the call for the Emmy!

          • lizzie

            Also agree with the Emmy and a Golden Globe!!! That man can ACT!

            I got my S2 Blu Ray DVD set yesterday and have watched 3 eps so far in normal, enhanced viewing and one commentary. Bill looks great – his makeup is not so severe on the Blu Ray! The colours and sound are very enhanced as well. You will all enjoy it, especially the commentaries!

            Funny – Down Under gets the DVD earlier than the US but we still have to wait until Aug for S3!

          • Hi Nia!!!!!!!!!!

            It is always so good to see you comment on the site! I always love your opinions! I am also wondering what could it be that made Bill scream out in anguish? Could it be as Jaxx said after he made the phone call to Sookie to tell her not to look for him or could it be a flashback when he see his wife Caroline or (I would love to see Alan write this Bill visiting Caroline on her deathbed and her being in a daze thinking he is an angel and they share some sweet words and she dies in his arms). OMG that would be so hearttbreaking to watch.

            Whatever that scene is going to be make sure you have a box of tissues beside you I know I will. 🙂

    • Hi Jaxx,

      I always enjoy reading your comments! 🙂 I know so much to digest and is it a dream sequence or as you said about Yvetta and her being a witch. I just love that idea and it would tie in nicely to next season if Alan goes that way.

      • jaxx

        Thanks Ollie!! 🙂 You do such a great job of informing us. I can’t believe it’s almost here. After a while you start trying to think like AB. I don’t know if that’s clever or just a little scary. lol. 23 days and counting.

        • lizzie

          Hi Adore Bill, Nia, Isis and Jaxx – my buddies on this site! I have read all your comments above and I don’t know, maybe I am in overload, because what I am thinking now, is just watch, read and wait til I can download! It is all too much!!

          OK, I also feel Bill’s anguish, also Feel Sookie’s pain trying to find her man, and also feel she won’t be doing anything morally wrong whilst finding Bill. I think the scene with Alcide is Sookie crying after getting Bill’s call (same clothes) and Alcide comforting her. I also think that scene with Sookie taking her kit of in front of a sleeping (in the dark?) Eric is a dream. A wet dream, if I can say that?? Maybe a bit of Sookie’s fairy coming out, as is does seem ethereal?

          Yes, the King sent the Weres and they stuffed up – should have brought Sookie as well. Love Franklin Mott – I like that scrawny English bad boy look and sound! Watch out Tara – don’t give too much info out on our fave couple!

          Love Jason and Santa – what would we do without him to liven up our days/nights!

          Love the wolves!

          So much to take in – maybe just better to wait and then see.

          Go True Blood!

          • jaxx

            Just had a thought about the Eric/Sookie bed scene. I wonder if Eric is really with Yvetta but instead of seeing Yvetta, he’s fantasizing about Yvetta being Sookie?? That could cause trouble down the road leading to a spell being cast on Eric by Yvetta if she finds out he’s fantasizing/dreaming of being with Sookie??? Just a thought before I got to bed.

          • lizzie

            Jaxx, I had thought about it being Yvetta on another site, as it looks like how a stripper would disrobe – maybe?? It makes more sense at this stage of the series.

            Yes, is Yvetta a witch?? So much speculation!

          • Nia

            Hey Lizzie, Jaxx,
            I guess when you think about it, I would feel a bit sorry for Yvetta. She may really like Eric and is giving him a great show (wink wink) but then he is only thinking/dreaming of Sookie.
            Poor girl, potentially another broken heart.
            It is a good speculation that Yvetta is a witch. Could her jealousy/revenge bring Eric down later???
            Speculating is such fun!

            Team True Blood!

  • I can hardly wait , so exited! best show ever I’m sure it will not disappoint true blood fans….

  • Louisianagirl29

    Check out and pause 1:42! Hope it’s real!

  • loleaf

    OMG!! THANK YOU ISIS!! 🙂 Sam was right this season looks guaranteed not to disappoint… So much going on in this trailer that you have to watch it over and over and over (sorry ranting lol) again to take it all in!! 😉 Jason kills me wondering if Santa is real too lmao.. absolutely priceless!!! Looks as if the writing team has outdone themselves this year…

    • *laughing* Oh, I know! I found myself watching it several times as well! I can’t wait until June 13th!

  • julie

    WOOOOOOOOW !!!!! AWESOME !!!! huge fan ! i can’t believe it ! in june !!!! good good ! poor sookie !

  • Love it!