NEW UPDATE: More Spoiler News for Season 2 on True Blood

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Sexy BillAs reported on January 21, 2009 more news is coming out as to who and/or what we can expect to see for Season 2 in  Alan Ball’s successful TV Series “True Blood” starring Golden Globe winner Anna Paquin and the talented Stephen Moyer.  For Episode 2.03 – Scratch My Back, an additional character has been added to the show.  The casting call is for someone to play the role of Dr. Ludwig, who in the book is a female, little person who is a medical doctor of some sort and quite serious and no-nonsense.   The doctor is to treat Sookie (Anna Paquin) and the doctor clearly doesn’t like Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) or vampires in general but tolerates them because their blood is of great value.  This character is to have 4 speeches, 9 lines and 3 scenes.

This is an update to a report released early this week.

To date we have the following episode titles:

Episode 2.01 – Nothing But the Blood
Episode 2.02 – Keep this Party Going
Episode 2.03 – Scratch My Back

For Episode 2.03 – Scratch My Back
The casting calls for episode requires two characters.  The first character is named of Missy who is a “recovering fangbanger” in her 20’s who seems to have been around vampires much too often as her neck is covered with multiple vampire bites.  Information states that this character has one speech and one scene.

The second character is named Lindsey who is a wild, drunken sorority girl in her 20’s who comes on to Eggs.  In this scene the character is to be seen topless and has one speech and one line with two scenes.

SOURCE:  Spoiler TV

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