New Vampire College Classes Now Available

December 4, 2009 by  

trueblood-mouth2So how is this for a fun tidbit – Vampires are going to become a college course. No kidding! Film-TV-digital media (FTDM) students at Texas Christian University (TCU) will be offered a new “topics in film” class called Bloodsuckers. Students will study the changing image of vampires and their journey from silent films in the 1920s to current shows such as True Blood and Twilight. One student who is minoring in FTDM and who plans on taking the course, had this to say:

“I think students will gain an understanding of why vampires have become such a popular symbol in today’s society. The class seemed interesting because we are not studying vampires; we are studying how the role of vampires has evolved and how that relates to everyday culture.”

The class was inspired by the recent revival of the vampire genre in today’s media. Assistant FTDM Professor, Tricia Jenkins, said the course is meant to analyze the why vampire stories have such longevity. Jenkins went on to say that the class would consist of watching different vampire movies and shows such as True Blood, Dracula, Twilight and Underworld. The viewing component will then be mixed with discussions, critical essays and readings. TCU expects the class to be extremely popular and as of last Thursday, there were only nine slots left. Now that’s a class I could handle — especially when it involves True Blood!

Now this sounds like a fun class.  Would you take this course?  What do you think about this course being offered?  Click here to be taken to the discussion area on our forum to share thoughts.

SOURCE: TCU’s Daily Skiff

Photo Credit: HBO Inc.