Newsweek Analyzes ‘Why We Love Vampires”

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bill-and-sookie-nightgownNewsweek had three psychologists discuss why we, ladies, love vampires.  They discuss some of our favorite vampires from Alan Ball’s True Blood and the viral advertising campaign HBO is running in conjuncture with major advertisers.

Women are now so sexually attracted to vampires, advertisers are even getting in on the action. (And who wouldn’t want a little vampire action on the side, especially if it involved Alexander Skarsgård?) In a new Gillette billboard that ties into True Blood, a vampire hunk caresses his cleanly shaven face next to the phrase “Dead Sexy.” In another ad, for Marc Ecko cologne, a male vampire nibbles at a naked woman’s neck with the line “Attract a Human.” As if they needed any help.

The article also highlights upcoming cultural events in LA featuring vampires including a new convention called Vampire-con.

Next week’s Comic-Con International, a celebration of all things pop culture held in San Diego, offers up a heavy dose of vampire-themed events, including a panel discussion with members of the True Blood cast and executive producer Alan Ball. And Southern California will see yet another vampire frenzy next month, with Vampire-Con. Billed as the first vampire-centric convention, the two-day Hollywood event includes a vampire-film festival, panel discussions, and a danse macabre featuring “vampirerotica” go-go girls and boys. “

Donovan Gwinner, assistant professor of English at Aurora University, talks about the course she teaches called, “Got Blood? Vampires in Literature, Film and Popular Culture.”

We talked a lot about how things suck,” jokes Gwinner. “But in times of economic contraction, fear of job loss, and war, the vampire myth really speaks to people. What’s so bad about being powerful, almost immortal, always in control, and incredibly desirable?”

Katherine Ramsland, professor of psychology at DeSales University, and author of “Piercing the Darkness” says:

“In terms of fantasy, the vampire mystique is 90 percent sexual. It’s a metaphor for dangerous sex. Because if it goes wrong, you’re gone.”

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Source: Newsweek

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