Nine Facts About True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard

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3_z5iepieix_1cgp6uchyg433481Everyone is wondering if  blonde bad boy, Eric Northman, will come out on top in this True Blood love triangle.  The vampire sheriff has a large fan base that practically worships him online.  He now has more than Sookie fantasizing about him.

Here are the nine facts about 33-year-old Swedish actor, Alexander Skarsgard, that Movieline listed:

  1. In his first U.S. role, he played one of the ill-fated male model roommates in Zoolander.
  2. He is the son of actor Stellan Skarsgard, who you may remember as the professor from Good Will Hunting. (No doubt, he’d rather you remember him from that, than his role as one of the potential fathers from Mamma Mia!)
  3. Skarsgard rocketed to Swedish stardom at age 13 with his role as Jojjo in Hunden som log (The Dog Who Smiled). What’s it about? Take it away IMDb commenter Pamela from Malmo, Sweden: [It] is about this boy Jojjo and his friends, a blond, male sex maniac and a girl called Peggy. They travel[the] town… go to school sometimes, entertain themselves by switching mail between mailboxes and just chill. Jojjo’s dog is getting old bites… that gets Jojjo really sad. This is quite hard to explain as it’s been a while since I saw it and it hasn’t been on TV for a while.”
  4. Perhaps you’ve YouTubed his (surprisingly SFW) shower scene with two other men in Swedish film Hundtricket? Incoming vampire queen Evan Rachel Wood certainly has! “I am not going to lie,” she told E! when asked, “Yes I have.”
  5. Skarsgard was heavily tipped to be in the running for the title role in Marvel’s Thor and met several times with director Kenneth Branagh and Marvel head Kevin Feige, even going so far as to try on the costume for a screen test. Sadly, the role went to Chris Hemsworth. MTV reporter Larry Carroll recently told Skarsgard he was surprised by the outcome, as he thought Skarsgard had the perfect look for Thor; the Swede responded simply, “So did I.”
  6. Still, at least we can all agree that Skarsgard had the perfect look to play a suicidal trannie in the straight-to-DVD film Kill Your Darlings.
  7. Skarsgard’s U.S. career began to take off when he developed a relationship with HBO during the 2008 miniseries Generation Kill, where he played Iraq War sergeant Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert. The network added him as a recurring character almost halfway into True Blood‘s first season, then upped him to a regular in season two.
  8. Don’t be fooled if you hear Skarsgard talking in a Southern accent (as he did during the True Blood panel at Comic-Con). He’s just preparing for his role in Rod Lurie’s upcoming Straw Dogs remake, where he plays a Southern jock who has a past with James Marsden’s wife, Kate Bosworth.
  9. When Skarsgard moved to New York to study acting, he rented a room from a 55-year-old Filipino fashion designer named Rene. (Who hasn’t?) “Once when I got home and sat down to study, he told me I looked tense and he wanted to give me a massage,” Skarsgard recalled once. “I just couldn’t stop laughing. He knew I was straight, but he was trying again and again. I told him: ‘Rene, please, I will not suck your d***, you know this.”

Movieline put together a great list of facts.  If you are interested in having your own Sookie-like Eric dreams, then make sure you check out fact #4!  Enjoy!


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  • Hey OMFG EVERYOEN ON TRUE BLODD ROX! I DONT CARE WHAT U THINK (unless i agree) THEY ALL ARE AWSOME! please comment and yea add me if youd like pleaaase ok thx i hope that you do because that would suck if you dont please please pleaaase well thank you anyway i really apprediate that and have good and happy days and holidays stay safe and yea … big fan big fan havent missed one epi yet they are all awsome and omfg poor sookie and bill .. oh and them all lol k well PEACE! <3 – Kalah Struble ( add me on facebook 2)

  • lovesEricAndAlex

    i’m sure the producers of Thor will regret not casting him for the lead/title role. He’s a wonderful actor (yummy too :p)

    • val

      Yummy is certainly the word!!

  • Con

    I can sympathise with the landlord. Alex is hot, what guy wouldn’t try his luck? 😛

  • Larinhastar

    I’m SO pissed. This Chris Hemsworth doesn’t even look what Thor should look like. As Alex, so did I think he had the perfect looks for playing this role… What was the cast people from Thor thinking?
    Guess I’m gonna have to wait for Straw Dogs to see him in the biggie screen…

  • Vero

    Number 9 totally cracked me up!! haha.
    I love this guy.

  • Elizabeth

    An Aussie got the role of Thor! Now I will definitely watch the movie.

  • I agree. Alex would have been great as Thor! They really should have given that more thought. All the True Blood fans would have been buying tickets in advance to see him! I’m sure he will have other great opportunities coming his way though. Thanks for reading guys! Glad you all enjoyed the article and hope you enjoyed that YouTube clip! 😉

    • Loleaf

      Thanks Tongela, and please keep the info on our favorite (and only viking as far as I’m concerned) coming!!! I’m sure there will be other directors that will see his true potential as an actor as we do..Then finally he may get to live his boyhood dream of playing a comic book hero!! HE DESERVES IT!!!

  • Nadeen

    Skarsgard Rocks! I watched him in Generation Kill and he was great such a hard ass! As a comic book geek I can’t believe they didnt pick him to play Thor, one Alexander can act and his build is perfect; the guy they picked…….not even close, they ruined the movie!

    THe best story was the 55yr old ladylord wanting to massage him, that must have been funny and creepy all at the same time! I do hope he goes on get quality roles and be recognized as an actor and not just for being hot (which he is….yum)!

  • Thanks for the info..I definetly be checking out the youtube clip and be having sweet dreams tonight. Mr. Skarsgard has the perfect look for a vampire, more so than his character in Zoolander, haha

  • Loleaf

    I still believe that they will be “VERY SORRY” that they didn’t choose him for the role of Thor… He would have been perfect for the role and would’ve had a hell of a following!!!!

    • Gabrielle

      So did i. When i heard Thor was going to be a Movie, a live action movie, from my big bro; who LOves Marvel’s Thor and Spider-Man. We both wondered who was going to play Thor, a guy from the 13th Warrior?????? Then there was cirulation in the media that Alexander Skarsgard might play that Role. My brother never heard of him, even though he LOVES Generation Kill. I showed My big bro who Alexander Skarsgard was, and he agreed with me that Alex would be a GREAT Thor just by on how he looks. He’s Tall, broad shouldered, blonde hair, light blue eyes, and has a total rockin’ body. In my mind, he’s Perfect for Thor.

  • Meisha

    I wish Mr. Skarsgard all the success and fame he desires and the maintaining of his privacy. I enjoy his work on ‘True Blood’ very much and look forward to all his future projects.


  • BLF

    Thanks guys, now i have even more to think about 🙂

    (aso Kudos to whomever is in charge of his press… it has been a increase of volume)