Official HBO True Blood Blog is Live!

February 18, 2011 by  

Inside True Blood:

True Blood HBO TwitterHBO has launched its very own True Blood blog, chock full of inside news, tasty tidbits, and exclusive interviews.  Everything, straight from the horse’s mouth!  It went live on February 11th, which just happens to be my birthday (best birthday present ever!).  Followers of HBO‘s True Blood Twitter account were among the first to hear the news, as seen above.

The blog is written by Gianna Sobol, a Los Angeles native who has been working for Alan Ball for two years.  Now that’s as “inside” as it gets!  So far, she has given us three mini interviews with Alan Ball, Gary Calamar (music supervisor), and Jim Parrack (Hoyt).  Mr. Ball was asked, “What are you most excited about this season?”, to which he replied, “I really love the Eric storyline.”  Goodness gracious, I love this blog already.  Another reason to love it?  Our very own website, is featured in the sidebar under “Links”!  We are humbled and honored.  Thank you kindly, Gianna, for the mention, and for the new blog — a most welcome reprieve during our impatient wait for Season 4.  Keep up the good work!

Check out the new Inside True Blood blog, and let us know what you think.

Source: HBO – Inside True Blood Blog

(Photo credit: @TrueBloodHBO)