Out.com Chats With Anna Paquin

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We now know we can rely on out.com to ask and get the answers. In the out.com article Anna Paquin talks about working with her True Blood co-star and real life love Stephen Moyer, the Shows GLBT euphemisms and of course “kinky sex”.  In the question and answer she talks about pursuing the role of Sookie Stackhouse:

“I read the pilot script and completely fell in love with it and then pursued it incredibly hard, auditioned 100 times — I mean four or five times — until they said yes.

On Anna’s recent roles standing up for minority rights:

“It is a coincidence, but kind of a nice coincidence. [Be]cause when is it not a good time for those sorts of messages to be put out there into the world in a sort of non-threatening, non-beat-you-over-the-head with it kind of way?”

And of course a small excerpt on the “kinky sex”;

Well, part of vampire-human sex is biting, I mean that’s part of how they express their desire and it’s just part of the relationship. And, it’s exciting and dangerous and sort of scary at first for Sookie, but you know, it’s part of how they make love. It becomes her normal. And, she likes it.”

Thank you Anna we like it too! And I’m sure fans would love a bite from one of the many vampire hotties on the show!

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