PaleyFest 2011 Update: Full True Blood Panel Attendee List Posted

February 17, 2011 by  

Alan Ball and Core Season 4 Cast Members to Appear

Paley FestPaleyFest 2011 is coming very soon and with it the True Blood panel to be held on March 5th, 2011 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA. Earlier this year, I reported that Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) and Kristin Bauer (Pamela De Beaufort) would be participating in the True Blood panel.

The Paley Center however has announced more attendees via its twitter account @Paleycenter and posted a complete list at its official website. The cast and crew of True Blood that will appear is as follows in alphabetical order:

Kevin Alejandro, “Jesus Velasquez”
Marshall Allman, “Tommy Mickens”
Alan Ball, Creator / Executive Producer
Chris Bauer, “Andy Bellefleur“
Kristin Bauer van Straten, “Pam De Beaufort“
Nelsan Ellis, “Lafayette Reynolds”
Ryan Kwanten, “Jason Stackhouse”
Todd Lowe, “Terry Bellefleur”
Joe Manganiello, “Alcide Herveaux”
Stephen Moyer, “Bill Compton”
Anna Paquin, “Sookie Stackhouse”
Jim Parrack, “Hoyt Fortenberry”
Carrie Preston, “Arlene Fowler”
Alexander Skarsgard, “Eric Northman”
Sam Trammell, “Sam Merlotte”
Rutina Wesley, “Tara Thornton”
Deborah Ann Woll, “Jessica Hamby”

Well Truebies there you have it, it looks like the entire cast listed for season 3 will be appearing. PaleyFest 2011 is shaping up to be an excellent event especially for True Blood fans! I know I’m excited! But tell me Truebies, are you?

Sources: Twitter– @Paleycenter
The Paley Center for Media– “True Blood”
(Photo Credit: The Paley Center for Media)

  • lizzie1701

    Oh Isis and Shanea! I wish I could have arranged things so that I could be there! I just could not get time off However, I am going to the States late May and half of June! Maybe I can wonder around Venice and hopefully get a glimpse of my favourite Vamp, Bill!

    I hope you both have a beaut time and yes, let them all know we love them, but give Bill a little wink from OZ!!

    I have already wished you a Happy Birthday, Isis, so I do hope you had a beaut day!!

    • Thank you m’dear, I did have a great day! I ended up getting the hardcover True Blood volume 1 comic set as a gift from the family I babysit for!

      Shanea and I are so looking forward to going to Paley!

  • jaxx

    Oh I so wish I could be there to see ALL the cast and especially my beloved viking. Just glad to know that someone will be there giving us the details. I guess we live vicariously through you.

    • Shanea O’Connor

      Don’t worry Jaxx, yours truly is leaving for LA two weeks from tomorrow to go see the cast in person at Paley. I’m still in shock after seeing that list myself! But I will be reporting back with full details once I get my jaw off the floor. 😉

      • That list is massively impressive! I still haven’t gotten my jaw off the floor! Happy Birthday to me! LOL

      • jaxx

        Thanks girls!!! Please tell the viking he is truly loved by many. 😉

        • LOL, I plan on telling the WHOLE cast that they’re loved by many!

    • Oh Jaxx… Shanea and I will BOTH be there to give TBN the scoop! 😀