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True Blood Character Names Causing a Baby Name Trend

True Blood Season 3 Cast PosterOne of’s 2010 baby name trends is vampire names, and they are here to stay. Character names from the HBO series True Blood, are no exception.

Girls Names

“Sookie” is an American name with no known meaning and hasn’t ranked on Social Security’s list in the past century.  However it was a “top searched girls name” in 2009 and is gaining in popularity.

The name Tara is Irish meaning “Rocky Hill” and was hugely popular in the 1970’s through the 1990’s but currently ranks 688th. 

Arlene– an Irish name meaning “pledge” was popular back in the 1930’s but now sits 866th.

Boys Names

The name Willam is an English and German name meaning “protector” and has consistently been a top 20 name since 1880 when the Social Security Administration began keeping track.  Bill hasn’t ranked as a popular first name since 1993.

Eric is a Scandinavian name meaning  “ruler” and has remained a top 100 name since 1950. 

Jason, a Greek name meaning “healer” is currently at number 66 and has been consistently popular since the 1960’s.

The name Samhas been declining in popularity since the early 20th century and currently ranks 468th. However the name Samuel which is Hebrew and means “asked of God” is sitting at 27th.

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  • Marleneemm

    Terry is short for Terrence,like Terrence Conran
    Holly is plant
    Dianne or Diane is the name of the goddess Diana,the proctoress
    of the Hunt
    Malcome is an old English name
    Liam is an old Irish name
    Royce maybe a family name
    Russell is also an old Irish name
    Jesus is a favourite Hispanic name
    Quinn is a Irish name

  • lizzie1701

    William is popular and then they tend to be called Will or Bill. Go Bill!!!

  • ~ Caitlin

    That was interesting. I did not know the meaning behind the names. Some of them really fit the characters.

  • Laura Reed

    Sookie is hebrew it’s just spelled differently and it means lily like the flower

    • Do you know the transliterated spelling of the Hebrew version of Sookie? I’d love to know what it is.

      • Semiramis

        Isis, the Hebrew name for ‘lily’ is Shoshana.

        • Ah, like Broadway actress Shoshana Bean. 🙂

          Cool to know, since my Hebrew name means “Song of the Trees.”

          • Semiramis

            Too funny! Mine means “tranquil,” which I am most certainly not.