The Perfect Holiday Presents for True Blood Fans

December 3, 2010 by  

So Much Awesome Vampire Gear to Choose From

It’s no surprise by now that if you ask a True Blood fan what they want for Christmas, they say June 2011, which is the month when Season 4 of the hit HBO series returns. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t time travelers, so we need to find something else to help our friends and ourselves during the 2010 holiday season.

To keep your personal vampire fan satiated and creative, how about suggesting the True Blood Winter/Holiday Fan Art Contest? I-LOVE-TRUE-BLOOD on has recently marked a milestone with its 200th member. To celebrate they’re having their first contest!

The contest is asking for art dedicated to True Blood/SVM with a winter/holiday theme.

Fans can submit as much art as they want as long as it’s between November 5th 2010 and January 10th 2011. Voting will be open to members, contributors and admins from January 11th, 2011 to January 21th 2011. And what’s a good contest without prizes?

The 1st place winner will receive 500 DeviantArt points, the 2nd place winner 350 points, and the 3rd place winner will get 150 points.

Get Yourself or Someone You Love a Great Gift

Speaking of prizes, what if your True Blood fan isn’t into creating art? Of course, there is the great swag on HBO, but I’m guessing most fans already have everything from your basic Merlotte’s apron to Eric Northman inspired jewelry on their list. However, there are some great and inexpensive finds for the vampire lover in one’s life.

Does your True Blood fan have all the Charlaine Harris books, but refuse to read them in the day light, citing that it wouldn’t set the fangtastic mood? How about getting them an ‘I Heart Vampires’ Flex Neck Book Light? It works everywhere for up to 30 hours. Your vampire lover will have lots of illuminated nights without the threat of sunlight.

But if the True Blood lover in your life can’t stay up all night because they have a job, try keeping their nine to five as enjoyable as possible with a 2011 Vampire Trivia Box Calendar. Not only does it have trivia questions from True Blood, but also includes questions about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight.

If trivia excites them, another great gift would be Vampire Smarts. This game is versatile as any creature of the night can play alone or with their friends, family, nest, coven, etc. While playing, vampire fans will most likely get thirsty. Their choice of drink? Another great gift: Vampire Wine.

Whether you’re playing a game, or lounging in bed enjoying Anne Rice, this wine comes in Merlot and  Pinot Noir. If wine isn’t your drink of choice, they also have vodka, vampire chocolate, vampire coffee as well as a wine they’ve named True Blood. Sounds like a fangtastic way to hang out before daylight appears.

As dawn approaches, your True Blood fan must be exhausted from all the wine, trivia and reading they’ve done. It’s only natural that they’ll fall into a deep sleep. To keep them dreaming of Eric and Bill, get them the Vampire Pillow. Need I say more?

Let’s give a big thank you to Angie (Riogirl9909) for sharing all the great True Blood inspired things fans can do while they wait for the return of True Blood in the summer. It’s safe to say, she’s made the holiday season something True Blood fans can sink their fangs into.

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(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)