PHOTOS: Alexander Skarsgard at Entertainment Weekly’s Best Director Oscar Nominees Party

March 1, 2010 by  

As Hollywood revs up for the crème de la crème of this year’s movie awards season, our True Blood favorites are making the rounds at Hollywood’s most posh pre-awards parties. Alexander Skarsgård was recently seen attending Entertainment Weekly’s Party to Celebrate the Best Director Oscar Nominees, held at Los Angeles’ exclusive Chateau Marmont.

Need photographic evidence? See the photos of Alexander leaving Chateau Marmont last Thursday night.


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  • MarleneEmmett

    About Alexander’s hair~ His natural hair colour is dark auburn.

    he looks better with Blond hair!!!And it looks better longer.

    As for the oufit~Blue jeans should be worn with a blue blazer
    or blues suit jacket.

    Loved the oufit he was wearing the other night.

    • jaxx

      Yes, I miss the long blonde hair too, even if it was just a wig.

      • pbt

        Today’s interview that Ollie posted on the other page, he talks about the wig. It took about an hour every day to get that on his head. Plus hot and itchy. Says he liked it but probably not sorry to see it go either. I liked the longer blond hair but also enjoy the short hair. It will be interesting to see what they do with his hair this season.

  • Louise

    I think these are great pictures. No matter what he wears he looks wonderful,smart and manly.

  • jaxx

    Alex is just going to make me keel over in my chair. Just can’t get enough of him.

    He’s probably just like any other guy (right, his family owns a house with a lake on top of a mountain that he takes bathes in), has 10 shirts and just wears them over and over again.

    Just your average guy, NOT.

    • pbt

      Personally, I think he is the “regular” guy type as much as he can get away with in his profession. He wants to keep his ties with his friends and not change into the “typical” Hollywood type. You have to give him credit for that. He said he would be very hurt if his friends told him he had changed.

      He doesn’t seem easily swayed to “dress” a certain way and is very confident in his own style. Comfort is a key for him. Because he is just a little older than some of the Hollywood actors who find fame, he seems more appreciative of what he has earned. You see that evidenced when he interacts with his fans. Very patient and very attentive. You have to admire that in him.

      • jaxx

        You’re right that there is a certain level of maturity to him that you don’t see with the younger celebs. I hope he never does change. I would be crushed.

        And, yes, there’s a lot about him I admire. A lot. lol.

        • pbt

          Yes, about 6’4″ to admire. 🙂
          Stay the way you are Skargoodness. Don’t change a thing.

          • jaxx

            Still can’t figure out what’s up with the darker brown hair this year. I liked the blonder look, but I’ll take what I can get? Any theories.

          • L. Lewis Fluitt

            My son has blond hair in the summer and darker hair in the winter. The sun seems to bring out the blond. Also swimming a lot in the summer makes his hair blonder.

          • pbt

            Yes, two theories on the hair. One: we know that we will see a very violent Eric this season. Revenge is a major key to the plot lines this season. Perhaps darker signaling the darker side of Eric.

            Two: since Godric is gone. Godric was the light force in his life. Even though they had not seen each other in quite a long time, Eric said he felt a great connection to his maker.

            I think we will see his hair getting lighter again when we see Sookie entering his life. By season four, we will see a blonder Eric again. This is all theory and my take on things only.

            I know there are theories out there about hair color of characters and whether they are good, evil or “wild card” personalities. Lorena, Maryann, Malcolm, Diane,Stan, Steve Newlin all had darker hair and are generally considered evil characters. Blonds in the show are generally considered more “good” characters; Sookie, Eric, Sarah Newlin, Jason and Sam (blond highlights).But there are exceptions to this theory and if there are exceptions I don’t know if can be used as a theory.

            OK, folks don’t toast me on this, JMO here.

      • Antonio

        Hey Pbt Most of what you said about Alex could apply to Stephen Moyer and Sam Trammell,too! They too are consumate,grounded professionals who love what they do and are passiionate about the show! And there is Also a level of maturity and a quiet sophistication about Stephen,too! SM strikes me as Very Classy!
        I hope that Neither Sam Trammell nor Ryan Kwanten do Not change either! They are Both So witty and intelligent!

        • pbt

          Yes, Antonio it could apply to everyone involved in the show.

  • pbt

    We will take him in whatever he wears. Even if he doesn’t wear anything at all. 🙂

    104 days until Season Three premieres!

    • Antonio

      oy vey!! LOL

      • pbt

        I know it seems like forever. But when we started counting in September is was well over 250 days. We are more than half way there. But who is counting? Right?

      • Antonio

        Not wearing Anything at all? You’re thinking of Ryan Or Sam!
        In fact they had a bit of a running joke(according to a recent article) as to who disrobes the most! Even though in Both S1 And S2 Stephen did a fair share of nude,too!
        As I have stated before here,It really doesnt matter to me Who is naked Just give good storylines crisp writing and cool direction. And BTW Pbt I’m sure there are many guys who could say the same thing about Sookie or Pam! regarding the nude thing! LOL 🙂

        • pbt

          Well actually, Alexander was quoted lately as saying that he is nude like every other episode. Which if it is true, would put him on par with Jason in Season One. LOL.

          Personally, I don’t mind the idea of a nude Eric as long as pushes his story forward and is not done just for the sake of nudity. Don’t get me wrong. We will take all of wonderful actors any way we can get them.

          As far as the ladies, there are many viewers out there that are in agreement with you Antonio. Believe me it has been discussed.

          • jaxx

            Ok, it looks like we can all agree on “naked”. lol.

          • pbt

            Yes, Jaxx we can all agree on naked.

          • Antonio

            Can We?? Nudity doesnt always suggest talent. If you doubt then look at a Britney Spears video sometime! LOL

          • jaxx

            Antonio, it doesn’t hurt to take a peek now and then and you’re right, naked does not equal talent, but it doesn’t hurt either. lol.

          • pbt

            So True Jaxx. I would agree that it is not needed but totally appreciated. Most of us can all agree that Alexander is one gorgeous guy and has a wonderful personality. And heck has a lot of talent which in my eyes is even more important.

        • Loleaf

          ***Fanning myself profusely***…. “naked”, “naked”, that’s something I can agree on!! LOL! Glad our favorite cast aren’t the shy type… 😉 *wink,wink*

          • jaxx

            Loleaf, lol. They are the “anti-shy”. LOL.

          • pbt

            That’s OK Loleaf. Totally agree with you. Passing you a fan and a tall cool one. Ice tea that is not the Viking. 🙂

  • Barbara E.

    There’s that plaid shirt again! Must be a favorite of his … or he doesn’t like to buy clothes. *grins* He’s looking wonderful as always. 🙂

    • pbt

      Barbara E. He is gorgeous no matter what he wears. Plaid, Tom Ford Tux or a Burberry Trench coat. Love, love, love.

    • I think it is just because he is photographed so much….he can’t go anywhere without his pic being taken by 10 or 12 news agencies and posted all over the internet with 10 to 12 different versions of the same story. That is why we remember what he wears all the time.