PHOTOS: Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Attend the 2010 Vanity Fair After Party

March 8, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin attended the Oscars’ Vanity Fair After Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunday, March 7, 2010. Stephen and Anna looked fantastic dressed up and it was good to see them having a wonderful time at the event.  Enjoy the photos!

You can view the incredibly huge collection of photos of Stephen and Anna from the event here and here.

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  • Antonio

    Question? Why would they attend a party that was connected with the Oscars? Aren’t They Only for Oscar winners,Nominees and Presenters? Since they were Not there Why would they attend an Oscar Party? I guess I just don’t understand

    • *gives Antonio a light noogie* Antonio, you silly! 😀

      Anna won an Oscar 16 years ago for The Piano! Because of that, she’s pretty much got an invite to a bunch of awards parties, especially since she’s so popular now for being in our beloved True Blood!

      • Also Antonio, TV people also go to the Oscars and a A-Lister is a A-lister and both Stephen and Anna are A-Listers in Hollywood!! They got an invite (which is pretty hard to get)last year and this year! I am so glad for them!!

    • Antonio

      I suppose That I just don’t get it! Wouldn’t that be like Deniro Or Nicholson at the Grammys?? Al Pacino at the American Music Awards? Bill and Sookie at the Oscars? What Next Paulie Walnuts (of the Sopranos) hosting Masterpiece Theater on PBS??
      Just Kidding 🙂 Well, I’m glad that they didn’t “crash” the Oscar party LOL

  • Nia

    Thanks AdoreBill!!! What amazing photos.

    Stephen and Anna look just stunning, polished and elegant. I like Annas fashion choice. The bling gave her simple black dress pizzaz!
    Oh and I love her shoes!

    Stephen always looks amazing in his black tux, but his most eye dazzling accesssory (besides Anna) is his beautiful smile. I could look at it all day!!

    We just cannot get enough of this gorgeous and so special couple!

    I do not do this often but I think it is most fitting:

    Team Stephen and Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One of my favorite couples. They seem like a sweet pair!

  • Steve and Anna looked FANTASTIC last night! Interesting, though, that Anna’s hair appeared so dark in so many photos… After all, as the side shots show, Anna’s still entirely blonde!