PHOTOS: New True Blood Season 3 Images

July 6, 2010 by  

HBO has released some new pictures of our favorite True Blood characters! Don’t expect these pictures to answer any questions for us, though. Instead, I find that they make me more curious than ever to find out what’s coming up next in True Blood and how the vampires, shifters, humans, etc are going to react to everything in their surroundings.

What are these photos telling us about what’s coming up in True Blood? Let us know what you think in the comments!


(Image Credits: HBO, Inc.)

  • ashley

    Ugh.I hate Lorena w/a Bill to me is turning bad this season. 🙁 Idk I guess im just gonna have to wait and find out.

  • well, nr 1. is probably shot at the were bar..most likely when (if) Sookie is injured(if it follows the book)…also appears Skarsgård is doing a plug for his movie Beyond the Pole.

    nr 2. Lorena is looking smug, so she probably thinks she’s won..could be right before her undoing.

    nr3. Looks like Sam is becoming an equal opportunity employer, shifter, vamp, part fairy telepaths! also could be a touch of competition for Hoyt.

    nr. 4 hard to know…either Jesus came a-calling for the first time, Lafayette’s mom in tow? or more V BS with Eric.

    nr. 5 The Queen is NOT amused!she looks like she’s been admonished for something, perhaps the V scandal? something that she cannot loose her temper over. She looks like a sulking, scolded child.

    Nr. 6 Most likely Sookie in the hospital after being ‘staked’ in the were bar (if it follows the book), as Tara was supposed to be present, with Mott….therefore why Tara has blood on her..though in the book, she was taken to the King’s estate and Eric gave her blood.

    Nr. 7 This one we will see next episode. With Lorena in repose on the bed, looking smug, Bill is probably calling Sookie to ‘break up with her”, though he is really trying to protect her.

    nr. 8 Jessica working at Merlottes..does not look amused by her customer..perhaps Franklin Mott or maybe Hoyt’s mommy pissing her off again..or it could be some of the redneck scum we saw harassing Tara earlier.

  • pbt

    I am already changing my speculation on #6 is that Sookie is in the hospital and not Laffy. I remember seeing some spoiler pics from paparazzi earlier this year of Sookie/Anna Paquin sporting a hospital gown and robe with gauze on both sides of her neck. So now I am thinking Sookie is in the hospital.

    • annm329

      Sookie in the hospital gown with gauze on her neck could be from the book when they save Bill, the trunk? I don’t know but that’s a possibility. The Tara and Jason picture has got to be Sookie in a hospital because I just can’t see Jason going to the hospital over Laff. What is really interesting is the blood on Tara’s shirt and how it got there, from Sookie?

      • jaxx

        I’m wondering if this is where Sookie gets staked and ends up in the hospital. Tara was at the mansion too with Franklin wanting her to be his “bride” so it would make sense that Tara has blood on her if she get staked.

  • pbt

    Oh let me try. BTW, Thanks ISIS for the great pics. Luv–

    1- Eric/Alex hawking the new DVD release of “Beyond the Pole” which was released by Amazon UK. Oh BTW, love the bloody Eric at Fangtasia. Looks like there has been a rumble of some sorts. Can’t wait to see this scene. Perhaps it has something to do with the other pic released recently with all the graffiti on the outside of Fangtasia. “Die fangers!”

    2- Lorena appears to be sitting in the back of a limousine. Perhaps waiting for Bill to procure some dinner for her and Russell. Perhaps a dancer/stripper is on the menu.

    3- Jessica/Debra Ann Woll and Marshall Allman/Sam’s younger brother at Merlottes. Appears that Sam might be trying to keep his word to Sookie by keeping a closer eye on Jessica while Sookie is in Jackson. Obviously, giving the baby vamp a job as a Merlotte’s waitress. Can that be a good thing? I mean most of the waitresses end up dead. I hope this is not foreshadowing of things to come. Will Sam be offering to raise his younger brother too?

    4- Laffy at his house and it appears that trouble is on the horizon. Eric wants to go for a ride in Laffy’s new car? Or perhaps Laffy is about to be beaten up by drug dealers? Hmm!

    5- Queen Sophie Ann/Evan Rachel Wood is rocking the Chanel look with the multiple strands of pearls and pants suit. And she appears not to be happy about the news of Bill Compton pledging fealty to the Kingdom of Mississippi/Russell Edgington. She now needs a new vamp to look after Sookie. Hmmm. Franklin Mott are you available. “I’m practically his twin!” Ring any bells.

    6-Jason and Tara (with blood on her tshirt) look on at an attacked Sookie or perhaps Laffy?? I am speculating Laffy.

    7- Bill calling Sookie while Lorena looks on laying on Bill Compton’s bed. “Sookie, don’t come and find me. We were doomed from the start!” Blah, blah, blah. We know this by now.

    8-Jessica rocking the Merlotte’s uniform. Baby vamp needs a place to go while the maker is away! BTW, has he contacted the poor girl? I mean really Bill. Your child needs some help already!

    That was a lot of fun and I am absolutely sure that I am not correct about any of it. 🙂 LOL.

    • jaxx

      Loved it pbt. I agree with most. Jess the new waitress at Merlotte’s, oh boy, that will cause a stir and what’s Tommy doing sniffing around her. Will Tommy be Jess’ new love interest?? Poor Sam, has to babysit both. Poor guy can’t catch a break. LOL.

      Love the look on the queen’s face, a “woman scorned” look.

      Lorena on the bed while Bill on the phone, oh boy, more trouble.

      Laf looking po’d. Run, Laf, run. LOL.

      IS IT SUNDAY YET??????

      • jaxx

        On second look, I think Tommy is a busboy at Merlotte’s. Is Sam giving him a job too so he won’t steal from him? OMG Sam, what are you getting yourself into. I can definitely see a love connection with Jess and Tommy if they’re both working there.

        • annm329

          I have his feeling that Tommy is being abused by his father in some way. The scars on him when he changed with Sam, the preveiws that show Sam telling Joe Lee to get out and Joe Lee is saying his son is his property or something to that effect. Sam has also said there was going to be some sort of twist in his family plotline. Also they have really made it sound like Tommy’s going to be around a while.

          I feel for bad for Bill, we know he’s going to tell Sookie he doesn’t want her anymore, which we know is not true and with Lorena in the background, that just makes the whole thing much worse. I really hope they don’t have Bill carry on relations with Lorena, I would much rather he be a total bastard to her and make her life as miserable as she has made his.