Help Pick the Cover for a True Blood Anthology

February 1, 2010 by  

Smart Pop Books is working on a True Blood anthology called A Taste of True Blood: The Fangbanger’s Guide. However, they don’t yet have a cover chosen for this anthology, and they need your help! There are two covers available in a poll that you can vote on, and the winner will be the book’s cover. Both covers offer different imagery to interest the common reader, with the first using a very True Blood-esque font that reminds one of the opening credits of True Blood, and the second makes use of a TruBlood bottle and takes advantage of the red color theme True Blood has.

Whichever you prefer, why not let the publishers know and get involved with the decision? To vote, click here.

SOURCE: Smart Pop Books

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • Antonio

    What about a True Blood comic book? That would be cool!
    Of Course,It would Not be for kids probably for the 17 and over crowd,

  • Antonio

    An anthology? I’m not sure what that would be. various storylines from 2 seasons of the show? I think that it would be cool if there were to be a True Blood graphic novel! I would certainly buy That!! It would be So COOL to see the 1st episode Strange Love drawn out in graphic novel form! Perhaps some japanese artists could work on it? Perhaps CH and AB could discuss this? How cool would it be to see Sookie drawn out coming to bring Bill a glass of red wine taking her hand in his and a big white bubble coming out of his mouth “May ah call upon you Sometahhm? (southern accent included)
    I would definitely but that one!