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Last Updated 22:00 EDT Monday:  True Blood at Comic-con:  Autograph Signing Session

True Blood at Comic-con: Panel Discussion

True Blood at Comic-con: The After Party

Last Updated 22:00 EDT Monday:  People are Twitpicing (Thanks TrueBloodHBO–everyone IS following them on Twitter aren’t they?) and uploading from camera phones all over the web.  As we find pictures from San Diego Comic-Con relating to True Blood we will update this post giving credit where credit is due, of course.  If you find pictures, especially from fans rather than organizations, of True Blood related Comic-Con events, post it in the comments section and we’ll try to get them linked here.

Panel Livefeed thanks to DreadCentral!

Live feed from DreadCentral!


Waiting in line to sample the new Tru Blood beverage. Spotted a girl in a Fangtasia shirt deepthroating a popsicle. Classy! from louispeitzman

You can order Tru Blood at now!! TrueBloodHBO

AB – sex and violence – no age group from Robiart

Charlaine: getting V from the source is always better from KitchenBitch

V is old blood from a vampire who is either very old and powerful or born the day before. Whereas getting blood from the sources I better. from Televisionary

Nelsan loved the outtake at the party when the 300lb naked man dancing fell. from SookieBonTemps

“I like that she says what she’s thinking even if it’s not the smartest thing.”-Paquin on what she likes best about Sookie from Televisionary

“Everybody’s going to go through some changes,” promises Ball. from Televisionary

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had in a job,” said Ball from Televisionary

Michelle: “When someone offers you an entrance where you’re standing in the road naked with a pig, you don’t say no.” from TrueBloodHBO

Charlaine: I don’t tell Alan how to write his show. He doesn’t tell me how to write my books. from SookieBonTemps

Charlaine on her inspiration – “I dont trust inspiration, writing is work. I sit down and say who is coming to sookie’s house today?”  TrueBloodHBO

Ball: True Blood pilot tested as high as the pilot for Sopranos. from SookieBonTemps

Vamps are talking about the fangs. They wear rubber ones now. Anna confirmed they’re sharp. Moyer had no comment. from SookieBonTemps

Fan thanks Alan for creating layered gay characters. Alan jokes that Eric, Godric & Lafayette are gay lovers… from TrueBloodHBO

Anna likes Sookie cuz she says what’s on her mind. Hates the constant bleach jobs to maintain her southern blond from Kitchen Bitch

Ball “Tremendous love between Eric and Godric.” profoundly deep, not sexual love. from SookieBonTEmps

Ball: “No half vamp babies. Either you’re full vampire or not.” DUH from SookieBonTemps

Deb Ann Wohl on Jim Parrack: Talented and great to work with. Too bad he’s not here. from SookieBonTemps

On Eric/Lafayette/Godric. Ball “Theyre all gay lovers. they spend their summers on Fire Island” from SookieBonTemps

Skars: “Eric in Dallas for love.” from SookieBonTemps

Jessica says when rubber fangs fly off it’s not cool and immortal from KitchenBitch

How much more of a handful is Hess going to be: “as much as they’ll let me.”  SookieBonTemps

Cast is talking about their show character vs. Books. from SookieBonTemps

Ball: we will see the Eric/bill/sookie love triangle.  from SookieBonTemps

Anna on Sookie: likes that she says what she’s thinking and gets involved. Doesn’t like all the time in the salon retouching roots.  from SookieBonTemps

Moyer: talking about being Prince Valiant in a mullet. Working on a film called Tribes of October and Flutter. from SookieBonTemps

On Sam and Rutina possibly rekindling the flames? They’re game. from Sookie BonTemps

Skars on Comic Con: if this were in Sweden, it would be in a barn, 35 peeps, all named Skarsgard. from SookiebonTemps

Ball: we will see the Eric/bill/sookie love triangle. from SookieBonTemps

Q to Charlaine: will Tv affect her series? Harris just signed contract for 3 more books. Not affected by the show. from SookieBonTemps

Alan excited to see Russel, Mississippi vamps and weres. Crowd demands Bubba! from KitchenBitch

Most of TB cast here except Jason from a1topnotch

Trailer shows blond in bed with Sookie… Eric? from KitchenBitch

On music: Jace’s song worked best for intro. Giving props to Gary Kalamar for end credits. from SookieBonTemps

Pink spandex? Skars is wearing pink socks! from SookieBonTemps

Werewolves, Russell Edgington, Debbie Pelt in Season3! from SookieBonTemps

Ball can’t figure out how to work in Bubba. from SookieBonTemps

Alexander: “Eric is over humanity but there’s something different about Sookie that excites him… He wants to explore that” from TrueBloodHBO

Audience questions now:

Season 3 question: ball excited that there is a season 3! from: SookieBon Temps

Q for Skars: had to defend Eric in season 1. “he’s a badass, of course.”  from SookieBonTemps

Q to Charlaine: will Tv affect her series? Harris just signed contract for 3 more books. Not affected by the show. from SookieBonTemps

Deb. Ann Wohl is up. She’s picturing the audience in our frillies. from SookieBonTemps

Sam Trammell on lovelife: “he gets a little bit lucky with Daphne…Sam’s journey sparked by mtg with Daphne.” from SookieBonTemps

Charlaine Harris is up. On the sex scenes– told her hubs they’d have to move. from SookieBonTemps

Ball on balancing action+relationships. “it’s about the emotions, stupid.” remeber who characters are so the action has emotional base. from SookieBonTemps

Rutina’s talking about Tara’s softer side. from SookieBonTemps

Skars is up. On Being drawn to Sookie: “well just look at her.” From SookieBonTemps

StephenM: Bill will fight his hardest & be less polite if Eric tries to make a move on Sookie. from TrueBloodHBO

Nelsan: “Lafayette’s hustle is supreme!” from TrueBloodHBO

Sam says he’s a magnet for trouble From KitchenBitch

Alexander: “Eric is over humanity but there’s something different about Sookie that excites him… He wants to explore that” from TrueBloodHBO


Video GameE3 2009Attack of the Show

Interview with Stephen and Anna from Comic-con:

Friday 3:30 EDT Anna Paquin skipped the Trick ‘r Treat panel last night to celebrate her birthday!  Happy Birthday Anna!

Friday 11:30 EDT New Video teaser coming from TrueBloodHBO soon!

Thursday 14:15 EDT Not directly TB related but Johnny Depp and Burton will be making the Dark Shadows movie!

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Waiting to give blood – you get a free True Blood t-shirt!











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Charlene Harris Signing!





From MiguelEscobar:


From Luvfool14:


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From Sookiebontemps:

Crowd Awaiting True Blood Panel


From EileenRose:


From Owlship:


From Comiccon09:


From SookieBonTemps:

Waiting inside already for the True Blood panel





From: Thepegisin:

From the Happy Hour at Rock Bottom


From Akirla:


From ericnorthmanfan:



From EOnline:


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From Dreadcentral:




  • nottellinya

    Regarding the naked man dancing… I am nowhere near 300 lbs.

    • KS Rose

      Hiya Not! Thanks for keeping us straight on the info. As an administrator and someone who’s overweight myself, I wanted to assure you that we were merely reporting Nelsan’s statement not endorsing it. It bothered me that someone actually falling was considered humorous no matter what their weight (I didn’t even laugh when Andy was drunk and fell but that’s me) but not having seen the out-take we can only hope that you were not injured.

  • pbartteacher

    There is so much in the preview trailer for the end of the Season 2 from Comic Con. Where do we start first? Well it appears that Sookie and Hugo are going to be detained by the FOTS. Eric will show to help get Sookie(Do you trust me?) out of the situation and ends up in chains ready to meet the sun. Remember Lorena and Eric are working together. It’s in the plans that Bill will not be able to help out immediately. By the time poor Bill shows up Eric will have Sookie suck*** you know what.

    Meanwhile, Bill is being detained by his maker Lorena. Which he is obviously steaming mad.Falling out with Jason and the Newlins. Kiss and tell. Vow of honesty, Jason. Poor Jason.

    Meanwhile, Sam being chased by Maryann only to escape by shape shifting into something small. Perhaps a bird. Maryann is looking up to the sky. In one of the interviews, Sam Trammel mentions shape shifting into something small and something large this season. That should be interesting.

    All hell is continuing to break loose in Bon Temps. Looks like Lafayette and Lettie Mae are freeing Tara from Maryann’s grips.

    The most interesting part of the trailer was the Sookie and ? in bed scene. Hmmmmmm. Blonde hair. Perhaps Sarah and Sookie. Not. He who will remain nameless. Swexy Swede.Looks like it could be a dream sequence or perhaps it could be the cliff hanger for the season or one of them. Alan Ball mentions in one of the tv interviews that there might be more than one cliff hanger this season. Awesome Alan. Drive us more crazy than we already are.

    It sounds like Stan is responsible for Godric’s death and Eric is not overly happy about that. The Wrath of Eric. Watch out. Could be more flying limbs or perhaps Stan will meeting the sun himself with the aid of Eric. Can anyone say “Great Balls of Fire”.

    OK, I obviously have too much time on my hands and I’m way to invested in this True Blood show. But I do love my “V” fix. This is so much more fun than working.

  • hope everyone enjoyed the tweets!

    • KS Rose

      Lafayette YOU are V8 engine in a shiny red convertible package! Runnin HOT and ready to go! Thank you SO SO so SO! Much!

  • mizmode

    Some great stuff! Thank you!

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