Premiere: True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 “Turn, Turn, Turn” Recap

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So Many Twists and Turns!

Bill Compton, Eric Northman and his sister NoraWell folks, the most anticipated True Blood episode – the premiere – has come and gone. Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at what happened. For those of you in Australia and other countries that still have to wait until THIS Sunday to view this episode, please take a complimentary Tru Blood and step away from the spoilers. Feel free to discuss the upcoming Tru Blood convention, if you like.

During the break, probably the top two questions on everyone’s lips were: “Will Tara survive?” and “Why does Rev. Steve Newlin have fangs?” The next most pressing issues appeared to be: “What will happen to Eric and Bill for their little ‘oopsie’ with Nan Flanagan?”  “What will the fallout be with Sookie killing Debbie Pelt?” and “How will Russell Edgington heal and then retaliate?”

Well, didn’t we get some answers to most of those questions!  Here, let me break the story lines down for you:

*WARNING! Spoilers ahead!*

We start with finding out how Bill and Eric have reacted to being dumped by Sookie. Bill is still smitten, whereas Eric seems more than just a little peeved. And whether they decide to help Sookie or not when Debbie arrives on the scene is moot once they are trapped and abducted.

Pam then appears on the scene while Sookie and Lafayette are trying to revive Tara. In the heat of the moment Pam agrees to turn Tara and Sookie now owes her a favor – nothing good can come of that, I’m betting. Kudos go to Pam in this scene for producing yet another of her famously naughty lines!

We then switch to find out how Jason is faring with the fangy Steve Newlin at his door. I might add that this turns out to be one of the best scenes of the night – both for humor and for excitement.  This story is later expanded on when Steve glamours Jason and offers a glimmer of back story with announcing he was turned by a woman, before professing his love for Jason Stackhouse. Jason is polite but announces that “this dog don’t bark that way.” Jessica arrives (still sporting everyone’s favorite red riding hood costume) and stakes her claim on Jason. Deborah Ann Woll is magnificent in this scene.

We then flip back to the Tara storyline. Pam has donned a very unattractive yellow Walmart tracksuit and is having Sookie and Lafayette bury her with Tara’s body. It will be interesting to see how this maker relationship pans out.

The werewolf storyline is expanded on next with Sam being hounded by the pack to admit who killed the pack master. This story is spliced throughout the episode and results in Sam ‘fessing up to protect Luna and her daughter. He is then tortured and finally has to watch the pack master’s parents eat their own son.

So what of Bill and Eric? Well, seems that being stuck in the trunk of a car is no hindrance to them. They devise a plan to blow the car up by igniting the fuel: a magnificent explosion results. So does the death of the driver – not by the new bromance couple, but by Eric’s ‘sister,’ Nora. A sister who is a little closer to her brother than most – only in True Blood, eh? A twisted plot in the running of vampire politics unfolds here. Personally, I think this one will end up twistier than the others. Especially since Bill and Eric will have to assume new identities.

After Sookie and Lafayette dispose of Debbie (wonder where they buried the body?), they discover the disappearance of yet another corpse – this time it’s Jesus’. Layfayette attempts to contact him on the other side but to no avail.

The next scene is one of those awkward-hilarious ones that True Blood and HBO are so great at delivering. Ever wonder what would happen if your grown children were to walk in on yourself and your partner? Well, Andy and Holly found out the hard way in this episode!

The Terry storyline finally gets its time in lights. Who is this mysterious military friend and why are Terry and his old squadron involved in so many fires? This storyline is looking more interesting than I first suspected – maybe baby Mikey is not the black sheep we first thought?

Now we flash to Sookie and Alcide. If it weren’t for Lafayette butting in, I would imagine things would have gotten real hairy, real quickly if Sookie had have been left to explain just what she’d done to Debbie without his intervention.

We get a heap of storyline snippets next: Hoyt and Jason, Eric and Nora (and a rather saucy sex scene in a disused shipping container) as well as a particularly tasty morsel: Why are live humans being thrown into that room – who is eating them? Russell perhaps? Who knows just yet…

The most cringeworthy scene follows. Do we really need to see karaoke? Even if it is to expand on the confusion Jason is feeling at falling for Jessica and Jessica making it clear (by flirting with someone else) that she doesn’t want a serious relationship yet. The jury is still out as to whether Jason really would have a conscience around a hot chick either. The only good thing about that scene were Jessica’s killer heels!

We round up the first episode with an absolute cliffhanger. While Eric and Bill are given new identities and being sent on their merry ways, snipers start shooting.  The only three left standing are Eric, Bill, and Nora. They are taken prisoner by people announcing themselves as the one true Vampire Authority!

With so many great story lines this season, which was your fave and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • DannyJane

    Thanks for responding. This series facinates me as more than any other has done since Buffy. I look forward to reading your take on each episode and will happily debate you on them.

    I’ve heard the Tara-as-Bubba idea before. I think it would ruin her character completely. Sweet singing, gentle-natured, sadly drug-damaged cat-loving Bubba is a poor meld with firey, foul-mouthed, fiercely independant Tara.

  • DannyJane

    I love the budding “bromance” of Bill and Eric as shown by Eric’s refusal to leave the wounded Bill’s side.  Season 1-4 Eric would have walked away without a backward glance.  Hell, he wouldn’t have been there in the first place.  Enjoyed the introduction of Eric’s sister and the “love in a container”. 

    Next I loved the showdown between Jessica and Steve Newlin, newly turned “gay vampire American”.  The Sam scenes with the weres were okay and I might have enjoyed them if they didn’t interefere with all the much better stuff.

    I’m indifferent to Arlene even if I still like Terry, but their story is so far in the background of my interest that if it missed a week or two I wouldn’t mind at all.

    But I’m riveted by the newly turned Tara.  It’s been my theory all along that the reason Tara and Pam don’t get along is not how different they are or even that Tara was human and Pam a vampire.  The reason for the friction is that they are SO much alike.  Both are prickly natured but deeply loving individuals.  Both are intensely loyal to the ones they love but are fearless when it comes to speaking unpleasant truths.  If Pam nurtures Tara–and once the initial adjustments have passed they could form a bond it will run as deep as the one Pam shares with Eric or that Eric shared with Godric.

    And Tara?  What state is she in?  How badly was her brain damaged by the gunshot?  What centers have been destroyed?   Is she a mindless automaton?  Is the essential Tara still in there?  Does she have ANY memory of her human self?  We won’t know for a while.  But I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

    • Rachel Tsoumbakos

      There are some really interesting ideas there DannyJane. I have heard a couple of people suggest that Tara might just end up like Bubba in the SVM books, but only time will tell! Thanks so much for the reply 😀