Print, Cut And Play With Alcide Paper Doll

September 18, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello, True Blood, Alcide HerveauxAfter the Season 3 finale, every True Blood fan must ask themselves what they’re going to do with themselves until the new season! Well, if you have some imagination, scissors, and nostalgic memories of paper dolls,  you’re in luck!

Once again, the talented  illustrator and graphic designer Andy Swist has created a new paper doll in the True Blood series. Now joining the paper cast is our favorite werewolf Alcide Herveaux. Fans can enjoy dressing Alcide in his red flannel shirt, have him shift into a wolf, or like the show keep him shirtless. Either way, it’ll be fun way to pass the time until Season 4.

Andy encourages fans to use glitter, ribbon or any other art supply they may have to enhance the character. Laminating and using a thick stock paper will also help to keep the paper dolls from ripping. To check out the new Alcide paper doll or the whole True Blood collection, visit

Collect all the characters and you too can feel like creator and director Alan Ball!

Source:–True Blood Paper Doll Collection

(Photo Source: HBO, Inc)