Producer Judah Finds Inspiration in True Blood

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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, True Blood, Bill Compton, Sookie StackhouseTrue Blood is no longer simply a book series or television show, but rather a muse for many artists. Writers, painters, and musicians are all finding inspiration in the vampires of Bon Temps.

Recently, producer Judah has found a way to combine his love for True Blood and promotion for his new single Sundresses and Sandals.

By adding a True Blood inspired video treatment to the a promo clip for his song, Judah has been able to attract other fans of the show to his music.

A fan of the show himself, Judah bought his own camera, and hired a model to portray a Sookie Stackhouse role for the video. While the video was supposed to make its premiere in early September, Judah waited in order to showcase it alongside the Season 3 finale.

This is Judah’s second project under his own Simple Videos, a production company he and Bonita Star co-started. They were frustrated with video directors charging too much and not giving enough; through furstration cmae creation and the two have been creating videos with lots of heart and imagination.

The setting for Sundresses and Sandals was very important for Judah, who chose 14th Street and NW’s Donovan House because it was a dead ringer for the Dallas hotel featured in Season 2. In addition to enticing fans visually, Judah used quotes from the show to highlight his music. A line that is repeated throughout is whe Bill tells Sookie:

“I can smell the sunlight on your skin.”

When asked if his video idea stemmed from Snoop Dogg’s Oh Sookie, Judah explained that the video were very different as Snoop’s was focused on being funny, while his was trying to bring out the themes of the show as well as his own music.

It seems like True Blood has been sinking its teeth in more than just its Sunday night television spot!

Source: — Producer Judah Combines Love Of Hip-Hop, True-blood And Summer Fashion

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  • D.Reilly

    I like that TB is bringing in more ‘fashion’, especially that ‘southern style’; sun`dresses, halter`necks, guys wearing plaid shirts & jeans, t-shirs, (love Erics’ ts; would love to see him in ‘boots’ & leather’ too!)..lots more than Sookies waitress uniform !! HBO..trendsetters..